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Peggy| The hottest lighthouse in Canada

Peggy| The hottest lighthouse in Canada

If you are going to Nova Scotia, remember to wear flowers in your hair as if you were going to San Francisco, and also to visit a quaint place that will make you feel as if you were in one of those paintings in a Canadian rural house. We are talking about Peggy, a fishermen village and […]

Seeing the world with Cruise Plotter

Have you always dreamed of getting out there and seeing the world? Of leaving the daily grind and just getting away from it all, even on a temporary basis? Well, thanks to the all-new Cruise Plotter from Dealchecker, the process of booking your international getaway has just become even easier. Many people are often put […]

Downton Abbey fans beware | The castle is now accepting guests

If you are one of the millions of followers of the television series Downton Abbey then you will be glad to know that you are already going to be able to stay at the mansion used as a filming of the series. This is the Highclere Castle, which as a novelty has wanted that anyone had the opportunity to […]

5 places around the world that nobody can visit

There are probably a lot of places in the world that very few people know of its existence. Although they are becoming less due to globalization, the idea of forbidden places is what makes us talk today of these destinations, because some of them no one even knows where they are, or rather, it is […]

Tips to plan a cruise through the Norwegian Fiords

It is undoubtedly one of the star destinations when choosing a cruise, and the reason is simple: few experiences aboard startle more than navigate through the silent Norwegian fjords. An overwhelming nature and unique landscapes in the world. This cruise to northern Europe will make you love this way of travelling, since there is always something new to […]

Best hotels to see the Northern Lights from

One of the most beautiful spectacles of nature that takes place there at this time of the year when the cold penetrates in every corner of the northern hemisphere. If you have never seen the Northern Lights, there is still time to contemplate the fantastic display that will cover the sky at higher latitudes this year. The called, […]

How to: persuade your mates to have an EXTREME trip

You stand, staring 12,000 feet down, in a plane hurtling forward. Your legs shake. Your stomach churns. But then you jump out – and there is no freer feeling. Your heart races like horses hammering towards a finishing line, the wind blasts through your hair and the pinpoints of the ground grow larger and larger […]

Save Money on British Airways Flights with Avios

There’s nothing better than the prospect of jetsetting abroad for a quick break from the humdrum of everyday life, especially when Jack Frost is nipping at our toes and the cold winds have settled in to stay for the winter. Unfortunately, booking a holiday and jumping on a plane isn’t as easy as that when […]

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