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Welcome to Kos island, Greece!

A fertile climate, mountain tops with green slopes, beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, archaeological sights and a glimpse of glory of the past, in combination with a cosmopolitan air of the present, are a few traits that make someone characterise Kos as “The Jewel Of The Aegean“. From ancient times the island itself has […]

Red tides in Australia are blue thanks to bioluminescence

There are very few places in the world where you can observe a phenomenon known as marine bioluminescence. These are Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico, Toyama Bay in Japan – where the cause of bioluminescence is the firefly squid – and the Newnes Glow Worm tunnel in Australia, which was built by man and, once […]

Italy | A day in Capri

Capri is one of the most beautiful places of southern Italy (and also an easy getaway from Naples). You can wander aimlessly through the streets of the old town, climb to its highest point to fall in love with a little piece of land and sea or explore the bluest blue of its most famous cave… If you plan […]

Leeds City Museum | Six free galleries in the city centre

You know that Leeds, in the UK, is a jovial, fun and modern city where you can find plenty of options for fun, shopping and fill your stomach with the many dining options offered. Also, Leeds is a city that offers culture in the form of museums. And there’s one in particular that has fascinated us, the Leeds […]

Ten essentials for a short trip to Budapest

Budapest is one of the most popular destinations for a short trip. While it is a city that offers lots of possibilities, if you only have time for a weekend getaway you will be able to return home with good feelings from ​​the city. You may find budget-friendly deals and special offers on popular retailers for travel guide, […]

Montagnola Park | History and rest in Bolonia

Montagnola Park in Bologna (Parco o Giardini della Montagnola) is a park near the center of the city whose trees give us a break and where we can enjoy a friendly atmosphere. Meeting point, a place to walk, run and play sports, stage for concerts and performances or nerve centre of several protests and demonstrations, the […]

The wild west coast of New Zealand

The west coast of New Zealand is one of those places that are etched in our minds. When you visit New Zealand, it’s definitely recommended to pay close attention to this coast for how amazing it is. When you plan a trip you always end up looking at the most popular spots to get an […]

3 top tips to fight airport boredom

Surviving the sheer boredom of an airport is like trying to stop yourself yawning during a PowerPoint presentation on bus timetables. These purgatorial flight hubs (generally speaking) have the personality of a zombie and fluorescent lighting that will make you look vampire-pale before your flight arrives. Indeed, a large number of people would count flight […]

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