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Bagobago backpack to have always where to sit in a trip

I can think of a thousand different situations in which an invention like this one would have been good, especially on trips where we have to walk pretty much or spend too much time standing while waiting. The BagoBago guys have happened to thought of putting a chair in a backpack. Well, rather than including, they have created a strong structure that remains […]

360° view of Ithaca island – Greece

This time Travel360° sends you to Greece! Here is a 360° view of Ithaca island – Greece! This video is from the highest peak of Ithaca (806m) and is a really rare video because in Ithaca it is snowing once per 4 years. Modern Ithaca is generally identified with Homer’s Ithaca, the home of Odysseus, […]

Zao Fox Village | ‘Dancing with foxes’ in Japan

If you liked ‘Dances with Wolves‘ as much as we did and feel that in another life you were Arapahoe Indians, there is a place in Japan you have to try to visit at any costs. We are talking about the Zao Fox Village, a town dedicated to the foxes at the foot of Mount Zao (Shiroishi, Miyagi). This […]

Ten places to never forget in Buenos Aires | Argentina

Buenos Aires is a city that offers much to visitors, so the range of activities and visits is very wide. But for those who want to cous on just some places or do not have time offer nine essential to put in their mouth. 1. Casa Rosada The Pink House is the official seat of the executive […]

Ranthambhore | History and wildlife in India

Located 180 kilometers northeast of Jaipur, on a landscape of hills we find the town of Sawai Maghopur (now known as Ranthambhore), in the heart of India. Founded in 1765 BC, originally it took the name of its founder Sawai Madho Singh-I, and today is place to visit thanks to having become a wildlife reserve and to its historical significance. […]

Four cultural reasons to travel to Great Britain during 2015

Here we bring you the reasons that will make you live in Great Britain until next year: Literary Anniversaries This year there are two important anniversaries for classic books lovers: – Alice in Wonderland will be 150 years old in November, so it is a good time to head to Oxford, where Lewis Carroll lived. Guided tours are conducted […]

Welcome to the reconstruction of Library of Alexandria | Egypt

No wonder that one of the most important meetings of the editors of the largest encyclopedia in history, Wikipedia, took place under the roofs of the new Library of Alexandria, undoubtedly the most important one in history. The doomed ceiling of the library is an impressive coffered construction of 32 meters high where we can spot 4,200 […]

An Italian legend| Days of the blackbird to predict the weather

These last January days and the already February ones we are living are, for many, accompanied by legends and traditions that could give us a clue about when this spring will arrive to our life. Will it be soon or we will have to wait longer? What do you think, you believe what Phil the groundhog says? In Italy they also have several […]

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