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Guernsey Is the Hidden Jewel of the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands are located in the English Channel, off the French coast. The largest island is Jersey and the islands that make up this archipelago are all unique with different characteristics. The archipelago is in a sense a meeting between France and Britain. The island of Guernsey is part of the English Channel. It’s […]

Comparing London With Amsterdam

London and Amsterdam are 2 refreshing and surprising cities with unique ancient traditions and culture to explore, full of contrasts and attractions. You are so spoiled with things to do in London that it makes your trip unforgettable: the British Museum, Science Museum, National Gallery or National Theater, Shakespeare’s Globe, Royal Court Theater and much more. […]

Why dancing Samba in Rio should be on your Bucket List!

Samba is more than just skimpily clad women shaking their tail on top of a festive parade vehicle. Samba has a long and rich history of liberation from oppression and roots back to Africa. The carnival in Rio De Janeiro is one we all imagine and a definitive “to do” on anyone’s bucket list. This […]

An Essential Trip To The West Coast Of Ireland

The west coast of Ireland towards the Atlantic coast is an area of ​​breathtaking scenery worthy of a lot of praise. The Atlantic coast of the country is full of landscapes with green pastures because of its climate, rain and wind all year long. Galway is one of the most important towns in Ireland, despite having […]

5 Short Breaks to Europe by Car

Opting to travel to a holiday destination via car is great not only because it allows for journeying at your own pace and choosing the idyllic scenery you veer past, but it also allows you to avoid modern travel roadblocks like airport security checkpoints and lengthy layovers. And with transportation godsends like underwater tunnels and […]

Exploring Santarém In The Heart of Portugal

Santarém is one of the beautiful but lesser known cities of Portugal. It’s located in its center and is very popular among Erasmus students who spend several months there studying their degrees. At first glance it might seem small but as you begin to explore Santarém you’ll realise there’s so much to see. One of the strong […]

Valentine’s Day Flying Over Madrid In An Air Balloon

Valentine’s Day is coming up and a couple of us are already thinking about what we can do that special Sunday. A getaway? A romantic dinner? Cinema? A gift? There are many options but we always try to be unique and do something different each year. We recently talked about the most romantic places for spending […]

The 10 Most Romantic Destinations For Valentine’s Day For 2016

There are many romantic destinations in the world but if you want a special Valentine’s Day for you and your partner, there are cities that can be more romantic than others. Today we’re taking a look at what you can do in these cities for the day of love. The ideas mentioned fit different types […]

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