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Europe’s Most Unique Night Clubs

The European clubbing industry is the biggest in the world and not only is it home to the best clubs around, it also offers tourists the quirkiest and most extravagant clubbing experiences of their lives.If you’re planning a stop at any of Europe’s clubbing hotspots this summer, it’s worth checking out some of these brilliant […]

5 reasons why luxury holiday cottages are the ideal summer break

For those looking for an extra special break this Summer, why not book one of South Devon’s luxury holiday cottages? Whether you choose a stylish waterside apartment with views over the River Dart, an elegant country house in the heart of the countryside, or a spacious contemporary coastal house perched on the hillside overlooking the […]

A hotel all to yourself in Copenhagen | The smallest hotel in the world

How about the idea of ​​having a hotel just for yourself? No labyrinthine corridors, no noisy room neighbours, with the service totally at your disposal… It seems tempting, not even in this case size matters. In Copenhagen we find the world’s smallest hotel, a single room. Of course, a room with all details and amenities, without forgetting […]

A free ride around Buenos Aires by tramway

Throughout a century trams were the most popular means of transport in the capital of Argentina. And nowadays those who visit the city can enjoy a free ride by a historical tram around Buenos Aires. The history of this type of transport is back to the mid-nineteenth century. The first horse trams began to traverse the streets of Buenos […]

17 secrets that endear Big Ben to us

Neither Clock Tower, nor Elizabeth Tower. For us it will always be the ‘Big Ben’. Being over a century and a half old, the tower remains shiny and proud for the thousands of tourists and Londoners that pass every day by it. At the top it shows us the probably most famous clock in the world, and most photographed too, […]

What Happens to French Ski Chalets in the Summer?

Hundreds of thousands of people flock to French ski chalets during the winter months, but have you ever wondered what happens to them outside of ski season? Unlike the snow they don’t simply melt away until next year, instead they stay situated in the depths of the Alps among its pristine mountains. If you’re more […]

Travel Photos: What do you do with them when you get home?

There are several creative ways to use all the exciting photos you took during your travel. Unfortunately, although many people take a lot of great photos during their vacations, few people know what to do with them once they get back home. Here are some creative ways to use your trip photos. Get yourself a […]

Top 5 Destinations for Culture and Excitement

As intrepid adventurers know, you can hop on a train or plane and explore a city in a weekend, or even better a long weekend. Even places that you’ve been to before show a new side time after time, with a little bit of planning and research. So where and what’s hot right now? Here’s […]

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