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Jobs to do in China to travel longer

China, commonly known as the Land of Dragons, has one of the world’s fastest growing economies at the moment. No surprise that thousands of travelers decide to stay here a bit longer than planned not only to travel, but also to work and learn some Chinese. You may not know that a lot of sectors […]

Summer Travel in Italy – 4 Cities You Can’t Miss

Italy, renowned for its history, culture and style, is an amazing holiday destination. Italian cities are known for their architecture and fine dining. One could spend months exploring the hot, bustling streets by day and indulging in deliciously rich food by night. To ensure you don’t miss out on some of the best places Italy […]

Travel through the Winter Chills and Pleasant Summers of Russia

Russia has truly blossomed to become an international cultural capital with a large variety of activities for any tourist to explore. Moscow is also one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. While on holiday here, you can take a cruise down any of the huge, historical rivers, take what is known as the Golden ring tour of […]

13 Sensational Events In Newcastle This Spring

If you’re anything like us, you’re planning your Easter break and spring Bank Holiday already. How about a trip to Newcastle Gateshead? It’s easy to see why Ant and Dec’s homeland was voted as UK’s favourite city break in a Guardian poll. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a culture vulture or devoted shopaholic. But time […]

Finding The Means To Travel The World

It’s not uncommon for people or families to suddenly get the travel bug. Especially with all the fun travel blogs and websites sharing stories of adventurous lifestyles of globe-trotting. But, what if you have a job, a car, a house… how can you just pack up and go? This is what usually hinders people. It takes a […]

7 Destinations Every Couple Should Visit For a Romantic Holiday

Surround yourself with all the things you love: spectacular views, sunshine, scrumptious food… and maybe your partner too. Here are seven destinations that will fan the flames of love even more. Sail through time Think sailing through enchanted streets, climbing buildings laced in history and marveling at quaint architecture — it certainly sounds romantic. Bruges […]

5 European Cities Not On Your Bucket List

The European continent is full of famous capitals and large, fascinating cities. And for many travelers around the world, the best of these cities are bucket list travel destinations. London, Paris, Barcelona, Roma, Prague.. these are cities that are almost more surprising when left off of someone’s travel list than when included on it. But […]

The Best Igloo Hotels In Europe

Now that it’s cold many dream of the arrival of spring and good weather. But deep down, we need to admit that the winter has its charm and if it wasn’t for the cold season, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy winter sports or sleeping in amazing places like igloo-hotels. Last month Switzerland’s largest igloo […]

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