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A sinister visit to the Chapel of Bones in Evora | Portugal

If you haven’t visited it yet, maybe your image of Evora in Portugal is linked to monuments such as the Roman temple and its Gothic cathedral, but as you keep exploring you’ll discover a very well-known place in this city of the region of Alentejo. We’re talking about the so-called Chapel of Bones, a corner which takes up the space […]

An exclusive sushi gastronomic guide of Tokyo | Itadakimasu!

If after watching ‘Jiro dreams of Sushi’ you also dream of sushi too and want to visit chef Jiro Ono and his Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant… but realized in the plane you forgot to book a table with one or two months in advance… let’s not panick and take advantage of Tokyo anyway with these three […]

Culture and art in Dublin | Ireland

What can you expect from a city that holds an annual festival in honor of a character in a novel, except that it deserves its own post? We speak of course of Dublin and the Bloomsday festival, which takes place every 16th June to pay tribute to Leopold Bloom, the protagonist of the Ulysses novel by […]

The three most literary capital cities of Europe

Feel cultivated these days? Poets never sleep, and that’s why we offer you some trips that will definitely delight your cultural vein. Take a look! – London (England): England’s capital has a tremendously enviable cultural offer as far as literature’s concerned . In fact, it’d never end if we tried to enumerate everything. Of course, we can’t […]

Mystery and vertigo in Škocjan caves | Slovenia

Mystery and vertigo in Škocjan caves | Slovenia

Today we’ll talk about the caves of Škocjan, a place where to feel vertigo without being at a high altitude but the contrary, cause this area of Slovenia is underground. How’s that possible? Because it’s the deepest underground canyon in Europe! With over 1000 caves, Slovenia’s a karst country, especially the area where the name Kras comes from, in which […]

Four places not to miss in the desert of Peru

If you’re lucky enough to go to Peru and plan to go through its desert, then here are some things we advise you not to ever miss so your adventure’s even more awesome: Ballestas Islands From Paracas town you can access the Ballestas Islands in a ferry ride for few bucks. All add the animals housed on […]

What to see in the Spanish door to Africa | Ceuta

Ceuta can be a perfect place to spend a weekend or two days instead, since you can enjoy its beaches even in autumn. Whether you travel to Morocco by car or boat, we can’t classify it as a city of passage. The little time that separates this city from the rest of Spain on a nice […]

Inside the Blue Mosque in Istambul

The good fortune of visiting a city like Istanbul is that you can enter all mosques smoothly. All we have to bear in mind is that when we enter we’ll have to remove our shoes and save them in plastic bags that are provided to you and that women have to cover their hair with a scarf. The fact that you […]

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