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Dubai fountain

The largest fountain in the world is in Dubai

Did you know that the largest fountain in the globe was built in Dubai? Opened in spring 2009, Dubai’s fountain can boast of being the world's largest in the city that also includes the...
Paris, France

The worst cities around the world

Paris can be considered the City of Light, but for some reason many travelers have thrown in the blacklist. The waiters are rude, just the huge queues outside the Louvre and the lights go...

How Brits Deal with Foreign Languages When Holidaying Abroad

We all known "hello", "yes", "thanks", "please" and "goodbye" as the most well known and used words of the English language. However, British travellers..
Street vendor

Notable experiences of Southern Asia | India

The way of life in India is quite different, which is why 7 million tourists a year choose this destination. In the confusion of the 800 dialects, tourists have the opportunity to taste the...
City of Arts and Sciences

City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, built in the dried up river bed of the Turia, is arguably the most important modern tourist destination in Valencia. The iconic complex is dedicated to science...

The Rose of Hildesheim celebrates its 1200th birthday| Germany

More than an ornamental plant, one might refer to it as a tree growing out of control. The Rose of Hildesheim, also known as the thousand-year-old rose, is probably the oldest rose on Earth, and...
Libyan flag

Almost all the flags of the world are rectangular | Did you know that

Did you know that almost all the flags of the world are rectangular (usually in the ratio of 3a2 or 5A3) with different colors or shapes. Libya is the only country that has a...

Tuvalu in Oceania | Main income comes from selling internet domains

Did you know that Tuvalu is a small country in Oceania consisted of 9 islands with fewer than 12,000 inhabitants?. Also, did you know that one of their main income comes from the rights...

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