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Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.
”~Virginia Burden”

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Travel team
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This is Elsi – I love traveling and go for it whenever I get the chance. Being a Sagittarius, it’s hard to resist my adventurous nature and the constant need for expansion. Being a sea worshipper, I tend to prefer the sea roads for my trips but flights can also be very relaxing. I’m also pretty cautious, always seeking the best of deals and options for my travels. I sometimes end up negotiating with the agencies in order to get the perfect offer, and am always on the lookout for news on traveling bundles and deals. I have been to many beautiful countries such as Mexico, Norway, Scotland and I am planning to continue expanding my horizons.


Hola people this is Ina! Traveling is a way of life for me so I try to dedicate as much time as possible visiting interesting places where boredom is unknown!!! My motto is: choose a destination and get there by any mean…bike, car, train, plane even auto stop if that suits you!!! Inland trips are a treat and Europe, where I live, offer’s a bunch to see but abroad is my specialty!!! Each continent thrills me for different reasons and each country provides me with loads of new experiences but what I love the most is becoming one with the people thus enjoying and embracing their way of living. So get ready to relive crazy adventures full of wild details from all over the world and caution DON’T FORGET TO TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN!!!


Hellu everyone everywhere, it’s Alba here. Travelling is my obsession and I spend all of my money on tickets to everywhere! By this time, I’m finishing my plan on visiting all the countries of Europe, where I live. Last time I was in Denmark, enjoying the big Copenhagen Jazz Festival. When I visit a country, I always run into museums and expositions, concerts and festivals, anything that is going on meanwhile I’m there. I admire the culture of every place and always keep a good photo memo! Well that’s not my only obsession. I also get involved with any sports promote the places I prefer. I usually bring with me my surfing board and equipment and have extreme fun, especially in Spain where the waves are adorable! While exploring the different sides of every country, I meet a lot of new people and always keep contact with them. These days, I’m preparing for a ski-snowboard experience in Austria. So, stop whatever you are doing and get out laughing and explore the magnificent places the world awaits to show you!


Greedings from Angela :D Its time for you to follow your dreams and visit all the places around the world ,or at least follow me by reading my articles .For me traveling is in our nature !Don’t you ever found yourself depressed and asking for a way out ?
Stop searching, traveling is your way out ! As for me I ll keep tasting the beauties
around the world until I’ll find the best for me ;)SO keep traveling my friends .


Heads up people! I’m Nick and I have so many things to share with you! I’ve been to many places around the globe, have seen many amazing things and have enjoyed my trips to the fullest! When visiting a new place, I like to try all its traditional dishes and go out at night to explore new ways of having fun and expand my horizons. Unfortunately for me I can’t do away with my gadgets. That’s fortunate for you, as I’m going to show you many useful ‘technological advanced things’ (that’s how I call them 😛 ) that have helped me all this time. See ya all!


Hello guys. My name is Paula and I have been traveling all over the world. Art is my forte and that is the reason that I decided to write for the particular website 🙂 Make sure that you read all the article that have my signature on the bottom of the page : ). Enjoy my adventures and most of all your life 😉


Hi guys, it’s Emily here! I’m a languages student and I spend my time travelling all over the place. I love to head to new places to discover the local culture, art and food, of course! I like looking for hidden oases of life and culture on the road less travelled, from tiny art galleries to authentic restaurants to make each experience new and unique. I think each place has its own story to tell so I love meeting local people and hearing their tales. I meet so many people travelling, both locals and other travellers, and they always help make the experience fantastic! There is nothing in the world that is as much fun as travelling, so get out there!