Privacy Policy

This page describes why and for what we do store articles/pictures that are sent to us by third parties. The info that we collect is given by (the registered user) and it is used only for the particular website (see the “submission form“). The data is collected for the reason that we want to improve our articles and help the generation of the site. It depends on the data that you sent to us that we may ask for more information regarding the copyrights and owner of the photo/article.

We won´t deliver your info and data to third parties unless you give us the permission to in order to help our website. Moreover, in certain circumstances we may give your information or access your registration account if you breach the conditions of the website or if it is required by any governmental body. In order to keep the website and your information secure we do use SSL security but as you know Internet is dangerous and chaotic sometimes so if by any chance the data transmission is not secure while sending to us your information, then you do it at your own risk. If you want to ask something do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.