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Art Traveling at Tripandtravelblog teaches the origins of art by traveling so everybody live the history through worldwide paintings and exhibitions


How to Incorporate Art Into Your Travels

If you love art, as well as travel, then why not incorporate the two? There are plenty of opportunities for you to do so!

10 Reasons to Send Travel Postcards

Every trip is unique. Each experience is different. Few experiences are as satisfying as sending postcards to your loved ones.

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Travel Lovers In Your Life

We all have a family member or friend who adores travelling. Whether they’ve been backpacking across the globe on a gap year or are constantly..

5 Horrifying Statues Nobody Wants In Their City

When you think of statues, does any of them near your house come to mind that you do not like and wish it would disappear. Any that you either find ugly, pointless or horrifying?...

Summer Travel in Italy – 4 Cities You Can’t Miss

Italy, renowned for its history, culture and style, is an amazing holiday destination. Italian cities are known for their architecture and fine dining. One could spend months exploring the hot, bustling streets by day...

The History Of The Colosseum Of Rome

There are places you must see at least once in life, and the Colosseum is one of them. An architectural work that has stood some two thousand years and has a very long and...

The Best Museums In Washington DC

One of the most talked about cities that you can visit in the United States is Washington DC, the capital. It is an elegant city that's definitely worth a visit and it's only a ride...

Travel Photos: What do you do with them when you get home?

There are several creative ways to use all the exciting photos you took during your travel. Unfortunately, although many people take a lot of great photos during their vacations, few people know what to...

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