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Starry starry path

Two places where artistic lights become the protagonist of the night

In this nocturnal post we show you two lovely locations where night lights are the main tourist attraction: The museum goes out to illuminate numb hearts Winter is usually a sad time in the northern countries...
Imperial War Museum North

5 museums in Manchester that will change your view of the city

When you get to Manchester you may expect to find a dirty, dark and industrial city. One comes to this city thinking of a monotonous and boring place where he will not see anything...
Santiago de Cuba

Magical Cuba

There are few places on earth as magical as Cuba and it would be a struggle to find a more perfect holiday destination. Many who have visited this Caribbean jewel have been so moved...
1955 Ford Victoria covered with Ayate fabric and oil painted at IMMA

Culture and art in Dublin | Ireland

What can you expect from a city that holds an annual festival in honor of a character in a novel, except that it deserves its own post? We speak of course of Dublin and the...
Les Deux Magots

The three most literary capital cities of Europe

Feel cultivated these days? Poets never sleep, and that's why we offer you some trips that will definitely delight your cultural vein. Take a look! - London (England): England's capital has a tremendously enviable cultural offer...
The Blue Mosque

Inside the Blue Mosque in Istambul

The good fortune of visiting a city like Istanbul is that you can enter all mosques smoothly. All we have to bear in mind is that when we enter we'll have to remove our shoes and save them...

Cathedrals and churches not to miss in Toulouse

If you're planning a holiday to the bustling city of Toulouse, you need to make sure you include some of its stunning cathedrals and churches in your itinerary. Whether you're religious or not, they're...
The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore viewed from Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence | The cradle of the Renaissance

Florence, the cradle of Renaissance art and culture and the capital of the beautiful and cozy Tuscany, is famous for having hosted great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Masaccio. In addition,...

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