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Art Traveling at Tripandtravelblog teaches the origins of art by traveling so everybody live the history through worldwide paintings and exhibitions

Cathedral beach

A glance at the world Through my Sunglasses!

The world is endlessly and undoubtedly beautiful, so professionals from all around the world everyday try to capture it in photographs using different advanced techniques and camera filters. However, who would have thought that...
West side

Secrets to contemplate in York Minster | One of the highest cathedrals in Europe

Follow the bells sound and find the biggest attraction of York: York Minster, one of the highest cathedrals in Europe and the tallest building in the city. So if we get lost in this beautiful medieval quarter,...

Discover Takayama as if you were in a manga

As many of you probably already know, in Japan the manga comics are a genuine cultural revolution. That's it, these are comics that are read by almost the entire population. Today we want to talk about how to...
Chapel of the Holy Cross

Five temples and churches not conventional at all

When we think of a church probably Latin cross, marble altars and ancient altarpieces come to our mind. But not all of them are like this. There are different, more modern ones who have...
The tram with the hat

April Fair | Tío Pepe lends his hat to Seville tram

The González Byass are over the  moon. Due to the April Fair, the brand managers have decided to customize the tram to the fair with the famous Cordovan hat that everyone associates with that...
Part of Jorvik

Jorvik Viking Centre | Travelling to York in the Viking Age

Knowing how the British city of York was in the Viking Age is possible. In the tenth century, the city was called Jorvik, and precisely with this name is one of the most visited attractions in...
National Museum of the American Indian

The roots of America | National Museum of the American Indian

In four floors of an almost endless expanse is introduced one of the most attractive museums that we can find in Washington: National Museum of the American Indian, which covers a myriad of cultures native to the...
Botanical Gardens, Lombardy

Join the Easter egg hunt in the Botanical Gardens | Italy

On Monday April 6, the famous Italian Pasquetta, will be organized for the eighteenth time the fun 'Botanical Treasure Hunt', an event held by the Grandi Giardini Italiani organization -an association that gathers the most beautiful and...

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