As intrepid adventurers know, you can hop on a train or plane and explore a city in a weekend, or even better a long weekend. Even places that you’ve been to before show a new side time after time, with a little bit of planning and research. So where and what’s hot right now? Here’s where to go and what to do, for a nearby city break full of culture and excitement.

London is always going to be on any list of the top destinations for culture and excitement. The trouble is, Londoners are a restless bunch, and change their definitions of what’s exciting all the time. This year it’s all about pop ups – pop up restaurants, pop up cinemas, pop up shops, pop up bars. Part of their novelty is the catch-them-while-you-can status, so if you fancy an event, better jump on the tube and go, because it won’t be there next month. Here’s a list of the latest, so you can keep abreast of the trend. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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