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Two Week Trip in Italy

Home to over 60 million people, Italy is Europe’s fifth most populated country lies along the Mediterranean coastline. This southern European country is popular for its delectable cuisine, ancient coliseums, and rich culture that spans back thousands of years.

The Hidden Gems of Cuba

It was mid February, when I was sitting in class contemplating my summer plans. This summer, I decided I wasn’t going to work a job with tedious hours that will barely save me $500.
Angus Coast Road to Aberdeen, Scotland

The Route 57 Road Trip: 2,500 miles across the UK & Ireland

Road trips are a great way to travel through a country or continent. They can be done at a leisurely pace, with one’s own comforts (music, food), and well-known trips such as Route 66...
Okavango Delta Mokoro

Adventure Through The Okavango Delta Of Botswana

Being able to travel and experience different parts of the world has truly impacted my life like nothing else. I can honestly say that even though not all my travel experiences are smooth sailing,...

Jobs to do in China to travel longer

China, commonly known as the Land of Dragons, has one of the world’s fastest growing economies at the moment. No surprise that thousands of travelers decide to stay here a bit longer than planned...

The Amazing Capital Of Scandinavia

Yup, we dare to say that Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, might as well be the capital of Scandinavia as it's the most populous city in the Nordic Region and is one of the...
Niagara Falls

A visit to the Niagara Falls

If you are arranging a trip to the United States perhaps you have decided to include the famous American Falls on your list of places to visit eager to see the great wonder of which everybody talks about....
Try with some of these

Tips to have a very pleasant flight

When we get off the plane we usually feel bloated, dehydrated, dirty and in pain. So in this post we will recommend you what to do to feel better, to take advantage of the flight to make...

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