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Art Traveling at Tripandtravelblog teaches the origins of art by traveling so everybody live the history through worldwide paintings and exhibitions


Top 5 Destinations for Culture and Excitement

London As intrepid adventurers know, you can hop on a train or plane and explore a city in a weekend, or even better a long weekend. Even places that you’ve been to before show a...
Parasite Museum

The strangest museums in the world

Museum of Fantastic Specimens (Japan) This museum, which is located in Japan is scary and really weird. The Museum of the fantastic specimens or the “Gensou Hyouhon Hakubutsukan” brings together specimens as rare as the...

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Travel Lovers In Your Life

We all have a family member or friend who adores travelling. Whether they’ve been backpacking across the globe on a gap year or are constantly..
Murals in the neighborhood of Bel Air (4)

Chartres: the murals in the neighborhood of Bel Air

In fact, those of the Office of Tourism of Chartres – from the beautiful and ancient city which is found 90 kilometers from Paris - call themselves frescoes. However given that frescoes in France...

5 Horrifying Statues Nobody Wants In Their City

When you think of statues, does any of them near your house come to mind that you do not like and wish it would disappear. Any that you either find ugly, pointless or horrifying?...

Summer Travel in Italy – 4 Cities You Can’t Miss

Italy, renowned for its history, culture and style, is an amazing holiday destination. Italian cities are known for their architecture and fine dining. One could spend months exploring the hot, bustling streets by day...

Slayer of demons and dragons, Saint Michael and the Mont Saint Michel in Normandy

Mont Saint Michel is one of the milestones of each trip to Normandy. This rocky island is a symbol of France and is located in the heart of an immense tidal bay, the strongest...
Brandenburg Gate

10 places to visit in Berlin

Holocaust Memorial (Holocaust Mahnmal) It is a series of blocks to remember the Holocaust. You can walk between the blocks and the ground starts to decline while walking, then it comes back up. This symbolizes...

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