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Wine Tourism In Santorini Island

The origin of the wines of Santorini dates back 3500 years in history. Its production and trade enjoyed great prestige in 1700 B.C. Its uniqueness is due to a combination of environmental conditions and the way of cultivation, which have made this wine what it is today. On the one hand, is the micro-climate of the […]

5 Curious Things You Didn’t Know About Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations within Europe. The Italian cuisine, unique coffees, world heritage sites and important religious structures are usually part of everyone’s plan while visiting Italy. However, the truth is there’s much more to Italy than what most tourists know. Today we’ll reveal to you 5 things you don’t know […]

A Luxurious Trip to the Gold Coast – What To Do

The Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful and luxurious parts of Queensland in Australia. It is no surprise that the most of the city’s annual revenue comes from tourism. Every year thousands of people visit for its natural attractions and luxurious activities. Today we’re taking a look at some of the interesting activities […]

Party Like A Rock Star In Belgrade

Belgrade was the capital of former Yugoslavia and is now the capital of Serbia. It is famous for 3 things. For its Summer open air river clubs named Splavovi, bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs loaded with people socializing with each other open every single day of the week and for the beauty of Belgrade girls. In […]

What to see in Jerusalem’s Old City

When I hear about Jerusalem, before my eyes materialize the images of the narrow streets of the ancient city, the gleams of the golden dome of the mosque and the silhouettes of the hospitable natives. Jerusalem is without a doubt all that and much more. Where to Stay In Jerusalem Accommodation will be on top […]

5 Alternative Holiday Ideas In The UK For This Summer

Everyone knows London is the most popular city of the United Kingdom. It is very beautiful but sometimes you want to try something different, thus today we’re discovering what other popular destinations there are for a great summer vacation in the UK! If you live in London it’s probably high time to take the backpack […]

The Route 57 Road Trip: 2,500 miles across the UK & Ireland

Road trips are a great way to travel through a country or continent. They can be done at a leisurely pace, with one’s own comforts (music, food), and well-known trips such as Route 66 can include a variety of attractions and must see places. Now there’s a new road trip for the UK & Ireland: Route 57. […]

The top 5 fashion events in Europe

For those who love fashion then attending shows and events will be something they are keen to do, particularly for those who are looking for designer wedding dresses in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and all the expensive capitals of Europe. Fashion now extends to most parts of our lives and the industry self is continually […]

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