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Seven Surprising Cruise Ships Facts

Large floating cities hosting thousands of people, award-winning restaurants, rock-climbing walls, golf course and a collection of entertainment facilities; cruise ships are ridiculous feats of engineering and imagination. However, this is just beginning – here we scratch beneath the sea level and reveal some of the facts which would even surprise cruise-lovers. Retirement Homes With […]

The 5 weirdest things you can rent during a trip

When we travel we may need to rent something, like a bike, some skies, a boat to get to an island, a quad to run through the dunes, a private car to go somewhere where public transport does not reach… nothing to write home about. However, what we bring you here is more surprising: from […]

A visit to the Niagara Falls

If you are arranging a trip to the United States perhaps you have decided to include the famous American Falls on your list of places to visit eager to see the great wonder of which everybody talks about. Once there, after a long journey that began in the city of New York, we got there in front of the torrent of […]

Beware of the rooftops | Godzilla Hotel opens in Tokyo

This great fictional Japanese monster has been the protagonist of numerous films and nightmares, but it also arouses admiration around the world and its fans are thousands. For them and for all lovers of good cinema and modern pop culture it will be absolutely fabulous to sleep in the Godzilla themed hotel opening soon in Tokyo. The […]

A lunar landscape, perfect for a spring break

All year around holiday resorts will always be favourites, simply because when the weather is rubbish at home, we have somewhere we can always escape to for a bit of blue sky and sun. The Canary Islands are just a four hours’ flight away from the UK, and Lanzarote continues to be hugely popular, year […]

Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert | A paradise of French Middle Age

Perhaps you did not know, but in our beloved France it exists a distinctive called ‘Plus Beaux Villages de France’, which brings together the most beautiful villages in France and help us discover hidden gems. Today we approach another of them: Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert. We dare to say that Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert is not only one of the most beautiful […]

The Rose of Hildesheim celebrates its 1200th birthday| Germany

The Rose of Hildesheim celebrates its 1200th birthday| Germany

More than an ornamental plant, one might refer to it as a tree growing out of control. The Rose of Hildesheim, also known as the thousand-year-old rose, is probably the oldest rose on Earth, and unless a catastrophe occurs it will continue to wield this record yet for many years, since it did not even surrendered […]

Surprising South Africa

When we think of Las Vegas, we think of glittering hotels and casinos. When we think of Paris, it’s usually chic boutiques and the Eiffel Tower. And when we think about South Africa, it usually conjures up images of safari parks full of roaming lions and leopards. However, modern South Africa is keen to throw […]

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Join the Easter egg hunt in the Botanical Gardens | Italy

On Monday April 6, the famous Italian Pasquetta, will be organized for the eighteenth time the fun ‘Botanical Treasure Hunt’, an event held by the Grandi Giardini Italiani organization -an association that gathers the most beautiful and visited gardens of Italy- that has transformed this action into a fixed appointment for many families during the festivities that are held in Italy on […]

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