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The tunnel of Traversette | A hole dug in the rock which connects two countries

Il Buco delle Traversette (le Pertuis du Viso in French) is a gallery excavated in the rock in 1480 and about 75 feet long that connects Italy with France through Crissolo and Ristolas. This tunnel is one of the oldest works of civil engineering performed in high mountain; it is located in Piemonte, in the province […]

6 Essential Travel Tips to Roam the World Further

Roaming the world as far and wide as you can, having experience after experience, that’s the type of life to live for right? Thankfully in this day and age, given the ease of travel and the ability to work from the road, it’s entirely possible. If you’re interested in doing that then you probably want […]

10 must dishes to try when in Malaysia

Malaysia is a paradise for food lovers: Indian, Chinese and Portuguese influences are noticeable both in the streets and in the dishes. If Thai, Indian or Chinese cuisine are known and appreciated worldwide, few people know that Malaysia is one of the countries with the highest culinary culture of the world: here all spins around […]

Caminito del Rey reopened in Málaga | The most dangerous walkway in the world

In the province of Málaga, located in Spain, we find over the Guadalhorce river a walkway known as Caminito del Rey, which is one metre in width, rises over 100 metres above the river belowand and is also considered as the most dangerous footpath in the world. Because of its danger, and the high number of deaths that […]

Haikyo | Tourism in abandoned places

To visit abandoned places, explore ancient hospitals, enter buildings in ruins or tour amusement parks that closed their doors to public for years may be curious forms of travel. The Japanese call this practice haikyo (which translated would mean ‘ruin’) and keep practicing it for years. It has its charm. The haikyo explorers enjoy the tranquility […]

A tribute visit to the Jewish Quarter | Budapest

Budapest is a unique city in Europe. It is the capital of Hungary and has some of the most impressive monuments of the continent, as the Parliament or St. Stephen’s Basilica. Today we want to show something that is somehow hidden this city, the Jewish quarter of Budapest. The history of this neighborhood is fascinating and tragic. On the […]

Have coffee like never before in the land where it was born for the first time

Legend has it that the first time a human being tried a cup of coffee was some many centuries ago in the lands that now compound Ethiopia. That person was a young shepherd named Kaldi keen on playing the flute while herding his goats. However, his goats began to behave strangely after eating a fruit of a small shrub. Kaldi imitated them. […]

12 Things Not to Miss While on Holiday in Tenerife

Tenerife has a great deal to offer, beyond sunshine and cheap drinks. Whether you love nature, enjoy the thrill of a volcano, or prefer concerts or camping, there’s plenty to do on this island. 1. Attend a carnival Come to Tenerife in February or March and you may be swept away by huge fiesta. Carnivals […]

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