Sleeping in a yurt in the south of France

For those who love the green landscapes of the south of France, but want to stay outside since most of the paths are beaten by mass tourism -  the perfect solution is the Oustamura...
World's largest whole

World’s deepest hole is in Kola, Russia

Did you know that there  a few things known about Earth's interior?! Some say we know more for the boundaries of the universe than the center of our planet. What we know less comes...

The Most dangerous travel destinations in the world

The world is a fascinating place. It’s also remarkably dangerous if you venture into the wrong bit. Not only are there a myriad of creatures that can kill, maim or generally cause you extreme...
New Zealand Landscape

How a ten-month-old baby on a plane kickstarted my adventure to New Zealand

Gripped with trepidation, I recently embarked solo on a one-year Working Holiday to New Zealand. I planned nothing mostly just to psych myself out. It was a ten-month-old Kiwi on the plane ride there,...

The Best Time of the Year to Visit Africa

When we plan a trip to Africa, to be complete and spectacular, we must plan ahead of time, weather, season and thousands of other details. But the main reason is knowing how to properly choose the experience you dreamed of.

Holidays with your lovely dog in Italy

Trip and Travel blog can give you some travel tips while in holiday with your dog! Today the dog is a true family member and they are ideal company to spend your next vacations with. Here...
Schloss Neuschwanstein

The most impressive palaces in the world

Palaces were for decades or centuries the abode of kings, emperors and Maharajas before the opening of the glittering doors to the commoners. They were symbols of power, incredible opulence or vanity, the most...

Exploring the Culture of Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Island is well known for its amazing beaches and picturesque bays and island coves.

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