India medical tourism

Medical tourism destinations investing big right now

Medical tourism isn’t a new phenomenon but many countries around the world are betting on this competitive economy and developing their health tourism strategy that has been said to be worth over $50 billion...

Weekend in Istanbul | What to do in Istanbul for 2 days

Istanbul: two days are not enough to cover the whole of this vast and magnificent city or, even briefly, a part of its history. But let us guide you through the city even if...

Ireland’s Best Road Trip Routes

Ireland is a beautiful place with remarkable views and experiences. The best thing about this small island is that one can easily visit so many different locations in a little time. You can enjoy driving constantly or stopping only to take regular breaks in your journey. This is the real charm of the liberty of road trips.
Isla de Tabarca

Paradisiacal destinations in Spain

Spain is an important tourist destination in Europe considering its beaches, monuments, historic towns, museums and heavenly destinations, major points points of interest for many travelers. When looking for paradisiacal destinations in Spain, the first...
Vatican City Tilt Shift

The smallest country in the world

Did you know that the Vatican City is the smallest sovereign state in the world? The smallest sovereign state in the world is the Vatican City, with only 1000 inhabitants and 0.44Km ². This...
Victoria Harbour

5 things to see in Hong Kong

Finding out that you have to move from Hong Kong (which is actually not very common but it can happen ...) you might have doubts on what to see, what are the priorities tourist...

6 Other Ways to Enjoy Nepal If You’re Not a Fan of Trekking

When you think of Nepal, trekking the Himalayas is sure to come to mind, but don't ditch this destination simply because trekking is not your thing!

A thirteen hour trip with Andy from Fyr Macedonia to the Dalmatian coast

The total journey covered most of the Balkan countries, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia. After Macedonia we headed for the Dalmatian Coast because in this part of Europe most affordable air...

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