The medieval villages of France | Place of spires, castles and moats

The Medieval villages remind us that it is wonderful to tour around the whole country of France. One of the best things to do is to explore its lovely and fascinating traditional villages that...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Liguria

Liguria is a Mediterranean coastline popularly known as the Italian Riviera. For most Italians living in big cities like Milan and Turin, this place serves as a getaway for relaxation and fun.
Duck fetus

The weirdest Asian food

Well Asia, apart from its great civilizations has developed a special cuisine. Although several of the Asian delicacies are relatively "close" to European tastes like the roast duck, several of the most traditional dishes...

15 Things to Do in Berlin If You Are Visiting for the First Time

Here are the best things to do in Berlin during your first trip. Put these on your itinerary to make your Berlin vacation complete!

Valentine’s Day 2013| Paris and low cost destinations for lovers

Even if you are in love, when you go for a trip you need to be looking for economic uses. The only city that seems to resist this law is (certainly not cheap) Paris,...

Why you should choose a life in Glasgow

The magnificent city of Glasgow has rightly become one of the must-visit locations for many travellers, and it also holds a strong appeal for those people who are looking to put down roots in...

The Best Rooftop Restaurants In Rome

Rome is not just about magnificent buildings, architectural marvels, statues, and medieval history. The city offers so much in high rooftop restaurants that serve Italian delicacies and cuisine from different parts of the world. Here the best rooftop restaurants you should never miss.

Exploring the Greek Seas – Catamaran Emelia Review

One way to explore Greece are the sailing cruises offered by Catamaran Emelia. Today we’re taking a closer look at Catamaran Emelia with this travel review.

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