How to see the South of France

When me and my girlfriend travelled to South France last year our aim was to see as many different places as possible. We decided to stay at a B&B and hire a car there so that we could get around easily. We then started to look at our options as we were on a medium budget and depending on where you go, it can be quite expensive.

Le Relais du Peyloubet
Le Relais du Peyloubet! – Image

This beautifully kept farmhouse turned B&B is run by Xavier. It’s located in Grasse which is a 1 hour drive from the best locations on the Riviera. To stay here works out to be around 90 Euros. Prices are per night for a room, breakfast is included and service and taxes are included too. The breakfast is fantastic as you can sit outside and be surrounded by scenic views and if you’re not a fan of the Dragonflies you can dine indoors. The rooms are cleaned daily and are fitted with all you’ll need for your stay.

Where we decided to visit

Monaco - image
Monaco – image

When we drove to Monte Carlo we expected it to be a fantastic place. When we arrived it still managed to exceed our expectations by a mile. Policemen stopped the traffic to help pedestrians cross and even lifted off their hat to you should you need to approach them for help. We relaxed with a drink in Le Cafe de Paris facing the spectacular Hotel de Paris. The price for a pint of lager here is about 13 Euros and definitely worth it. We sadly missed the Monaco Grand Prix by a week, but if you are planning on being there for the next event, note the 23rd-26th May 2013 in your diary.

Cannes - image
Cannes – image

On our visit to France we fell lucky as the Cannes Film Festival was starting. It’s a lovely town with plenty going on especially if you plan your visit for when the festival is in full swing. The next festival will be held from the 15th to 26th May 2013. Prices here aren’t cheap, but there are some lovely restaurants and bars that’ll help you forget the cost.

Grasse image -
Grasse image –

There are some quirky little shops and cafes to enjoy as well as a free guided tour of the local perfume factory. We visited a nice restaurant which served cold beer and traditional dishes which were very well priced.

Gorge Du Verdont - image
Gorge Du Verdont – image

Expect stunning views at this natural wonder often compared to the Grand Canyon. Be prepared for a full day out, especially if you do the full loop like we did. Travelling took a couple of hours from Grasse but there are some stops on the way for refreshments and don’t forget your camera.

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Aston which worked out at roughly £100 each, per night. It was right at the centre of everything and I would suggest dining around town rather than at your hotel. Nice at night is bubbly, affable and suitable for everybody. The beach is fantastic and it’s in walking distance of the hotels in the centre. There’s also plenty of shops in the town should you want to treat yourself to some designer swag too.

 Would I go again?

Definitely! It’s a lovely place with friendly local people and great places to eat and drink. Staying at the B&B helped us keep down costs and also gave us the opportunity to see the Riviera for ourselves. The pampered stay in Nice was the perfect finishing touch to our amazing holiday in the South of France.

By Alan Gregory – Writer by day for Appliances Online – Avenger of any boss who turns down your holidays at night.

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