Most beautiful beaches in the world | Caneel Bay – U.S Virgin Islands

Laurance did not buy the island, merely to build a super luxury resort, Caneel Bay that although it changed hands it now has its years and it continues to appear lazily across the bay. The beach is public, but to access it you need to go to the resort and you can simply park along the road, not fearing the parking fee and by knowing that by presenting the receipt of the drink from the bar you will not have to pay for parking.

Caneel Bay looking down on caneel bay, a resort on st. john in the u.s.v.i. Wind Sprit Cruise...Beautiful Caneel Bay St. Johns USVI

The beach is particularly popular with snorkelers; you will have the chance to spot sea turtles, parrot fish, reef squid and barracudas. Near the bay also houses the Honeymoon Beach and Salomon Beach. At this time the tour operator Overseas Travel has a catalogue of the Caneel Bay resort, which offers the flights of the American Airlines which departures from Rome, Milan, Frankfurt and Zurich, with shares starting from € 2,300.

By Elsi H

Photos: Chasing Light Photography…TomV , arctic_whirlwind , sheeshoo

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