The Firefly Squid of Toyama Bay, between reality and mystery

Have you heard about the famous firefly squid found in Toyama Bay in Japan? There is something special about this bioluminescent squid that grows about three inches in length. The body of the squid is filled with special organs that produce light. They are called photophores which emit blue light. These can be found on their tentacles as well as around their eyes. You can find tiny ones that are found in the body of the squid. This is the reason why they can emit light all throughout. Toyama bay which is located in center of Japan Sea is where you can find quite a number of them.

Toyama Bay
Toyama Bay

The firefly squid is basically living underwater about 1200 feet. The waves of the bay push them on the surface. They are in abundance from March till June and the particular period is also known as the spawning season. There are millions of squid that migrate to this place where they come and drop their eggs to fertilize. The coming together of the squids is said to be one big light show that you can admire.  This is the reason why thousands of tourists flock the area just to see this event. During this event, other sea creatures and sea birds enjoy eating the decaying body of some squid. This is also considered as a local delicacy in Japan. Early in the dawn, there are boats that leave the fishing port of Namerikawa. This is also the home of the museum that is dedicated to these creatures. There nets are located two kilometers from the shoreline. When the fishermen gather their nets, the light emitted from the squid causes the surface of the sea to turn blue and a lot of tourists are waiting with their cameras for this event.

The lights from great number of the firefly squids are flashing in unison as they are also creating beautiful patterns. According to scientists, the light show serves a lot of purposes; one is the fact that they can be used as a form of communicating with others. It is being used by squids to escape from predators. It also believed that squids use the light so they can attract their prey. They can flash the light on and off. The small fish will be attracted and they will pounce on them using their tentacles. If you are planning to visit Japan, take time to visit the Toyama Bay. You can also taste the delicious squid with vinegar and miso.

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