The Most Beautiful Beaches in Java

Java is an Indonesian island that is nestled between Bali and Sumatra. The island is filled with so many volcanic mountains and it happens to be the business hub of Indonesia. Even business people deserve a break once in a while and what is the best way to relax? A day or two spent at the beach. These are the most stunning beaches in Java.

Batu Karas

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Popular for being a surfing haven and swimming spot in the western part of Java is the BatuKaras beach. The beach features a rainbow of sands that stretch on and on. Locals and expats alike visit this enchanting seascape when they need to swim, take a walk, surf or just eat seafood which is often served fresh. It makes it a perfect place to take your cheap surfboards for a spin.

Kukup Beach

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Located in the sleepy Kemadang village is the Kukup Beach. This beach is at the foot of magnificent cliffs which tower over the enchanting coast. One of the most famous activities here is swimming. If you get bored and what to experience real beauty, get to the top of the hills and get the best views of the turquoise blue waters and stretch of powdery white sand.

Pok Tunggal beach

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Pok Tunggal beach is located at Yogyakarta, and it happens to be the best place for holidaymakers who are looking for tranquility while they express their adventurous sides. If you want to get your blood pumping, climb the mountains that surround the beach to have scenic views of the beach that has a long stretch of white sands and sapphire sea. If you love taking photographs, make sure you take a snapshot under the popular Duras Tree.

Parangtritis beach

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Along Yogayakarta village is the perfect postcard beach of Parangtritis. Parangtritis boasts of a natural curve of idyllic sand beach which has enormous hills as their backdrop. It is the home of Labuan, a traditional occasion that occurs in Indonesia. Hearing the sounds of clapping waves is the perfect melody will help alleviate every form of burden from your soul.

Tambakrejo beach

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Tambakrejo beach is located close to Blitar in East Java. This beach is surrounded by volcanic mountains, beautiful scenery, and rubber forests. Sunbathers can lie on the gorgeous white sand beaches and just watch the day go by. The currents of the baby blue waters are very calm which makes it perfect for a dip.

Jolosutro beach

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Close to Blitar is the picturesque beach of Jolosutro located in the village of Ringenrejo. Holidaymakers who visit this beach engage in sporting activities like swimming, fishing, and canoeing. The soft sand beaches are very popular among sunbathers. The beach has breathtaking ambiance and colorful scenery.

Sempu Island

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The Sempu Island also known as PulauSempu is close to Malang. The alluring island is located offshore and easily accessed by boat. It is surrounded by shades of blue waters and white sands. It is one of the best beach resorts for holidays in Indonesia.

Pangandaran Beach

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The best place to watch the sunset in Indonesia is at the famous Pangandaran beach. This is best enjoyed after you have taken part in a lot of outdoor activities. It is one of the most visited surf spots in the country. The waters are crystal clear, and the Pangandaran Beach features an extra perk like a nearby cave which gets many visits from tourists who visit the beach. It is said that this beach is the most beautiful in Java.

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