Traveler’s Checklist – 6 Essential Items to Add

From a distance, travels can seem like one big graph— full of peaks and valleys. Peaks are exclusively confined to the whole trip itself, whereas the deep valleys make their stand in the preparation week, airports and the following fatigue.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great items and tools designed to make every traveling easier— whether it be a business trip or a holiday!

Here are some of the essential items you should add to your backpack on your next travels:

1. Travel Mug

A handy and helpful part of travel gear you should never, ever forget, but most do, is a travel mug that is leak proof. And this is not just for hot beverages guys! With the best travel mug by your side, you will always have a container to refill when you are looking for some water.

2. Wi-Fi Antenna Booster

For every traveler who works from their computer around the world, a strong wireless connection is crucial. This is why a wi-fi antenna is a must have for travelers that can help boost the signal detection range of your laptop then that of a bundled wireless card.

Since there might not be enough space in your laptop for a longer antenna, if the environment gets too complicated due to extra floors or walls, interference, or just being too far away, you are quite likely to have a hard time in picking up a good signal.

3. Water Purifier

Getting sick on a vacation is bad and getting sick while you are out in the middle of nowhere is even worse. In order to avoid such vacation-busting situations, a travel-sized water purifier ill do by killing off nasty contaminants or bacteria found in questionable water sources.

Choosing a reputable water filter will give you access to clean water wherever your travel takes you— from the deepest part of a forest to the most deserted valleys and mountains.

4. Solar Powered Chargers

Even if you are out in the wilderness and experiencing Mother Nature at its best, it is just too tough to ignore your devices completely. From using your phone to take memorable pictures to make good use of its map and GPS features, you will want to keep that battery full.

Unfortunately, you will come to a place without power outlets and those trees you are camping next to do not have the ability to charge up your phone. So, time to find another way to get that charge you so desperately need— Mr. Golden Sun, here it comes!

5. Sports and Action Video Camera

Take and document every adventure you have with the best sports and action video camera. Get ready to capture all those awesome moments on the road or while bungee jumping at a cliff in the middle of nowhere so you can share the exhilarating experience with your family and friends.

You can mount them to your dashboard, helmets, handlebars or even a drone to take footage and snapshots of all your travels. Because if you do not have any photos to show, how can you prove that it does happen?

6. Microfiber Travel Towels

At some point in an outdoor and adventure trip, things will get sweaty, wet and soggy. Whether getting caught in a downpour, swimming in beautiful beaches or getting sweaty after a long hike, there will always be a time where you could use a towel.

Unlike any towel, though, a microfiber travel towel is four times more absorbent than your regular, normal towel and dries up to 10 times faster! Not only that, but it is also a fraction of the weight, handy for light packing.

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