What are the Different Types of Travel?

You may not realize it, but there are several different types of travel out there. Each person is different and looking for a variety of things, but of course, the type of travel you participate in will dictate where you go and how you go about it. However, it isn’t easy to separate all travel types from one another as there are always some overlaps. That being said, here are some of the main types.


Short breaks

A very popular type of holiday, short breaks are often dubbed staycations or weekend breaks and getaways. Increasingly, this type of travel is the most popular simply because people are working 9-5 and don’t have the time to take off work. These days, this is one of the more affordable options with numerous cheap plane fares allowing you to leave on a Friday night and return on Sunday. Visiting a single city or two is the perfect option for this type of travel.

Package holidays

If you’ve saved up for some holidays or have kids, then the package holiday is a great option. All-inclusive, these trips mean that someone else has done the work and essential planning for you. These trips are great if you want to see a variety of sights in a particular country or city but don’t know which ones to choose or how to plan it all.

Group tours

Similar to package holidays, group tours are aimed at the younger generations, usually those in their early 20s. Unlike package holidays which tend to remain in a small area, group tours will offer wide expanses of a country and involve extensive travel. The good thing about these tours is that a lot of the planning is also done for you. And, rather than staying by yourself or with family, you’re going to be heading out on an adventure with a group of like-minded travellers who you will, no doubt, become friends with.


An increasingly popular travel choice is for an event. With huge sporting events in place throughout the year, many sports enthusiasts plan long trips to enjoy big events such as the Olympics, the Rugby World Cup, Football World Cup or Grand Slam tennis events such as Wimbledon. You can find options here for booking such events and help you get tickets.

Other big event-type trips include Carnival in Rio for a cultural experience, or Full Moon parties in Ko Penyang in Thailand. Some travellers also enjoy heading out for music festivals of various kinds as well.

Road trips

For the more adventurous of you out there, there are road trips. Either via a caravan or a car and a tent, these are great if you’re on more of a budget. It also means you’re going to get a more up close and personal view of the country and culture. There’s also more freedom with this type of trip. If you like somewhere you simply stop and stay there until you’re ready to move on. Follow and map, go off the beaten track and see where you end up.

Long-term travel

More and more people are taking extended time off to simply travel. These travellers spent months at a time in one country or city before moving on to the next. It’s similar to gap years where people will volunteer, work or simply study in another country to gain experience or to immerse themselves in the local culture. Most of these types of travels are done on a budget, with part of the thrill being to see just how far you can get without overspending. For some, this way of living and travelling can end up being a lifestyle.


Finally, there is travelling for work. It may seem like this travel type doesn’t offer much in the way of freedom. But, it can actually offer a lot of options when it comes to travelling. If you’re careful with your planning, even a business trip can result in some small travel. And, you’re most likely going to be seeing the world from luxurious hotels and exciting first-class travel.

Whatever you do, there are many different options when it comes to travel. Choose the one that suits you the best.

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