Travel Infographics

A collection of the latest travel Infographics from in order to help graphically oriented travellers

The Move of the Millenium (Cape Hatteras Lighthouse)

The particular inforgaphic was made by:, The various elements of the infographic are fantastic.  Moreover, this lighthouse has been removed.

The reason that cheap flight are so cheap

The present graphic was made by an explanation infographic comparison of the reason explaining that cheap airlines can actually act with lower fares to their unique passengers. The total cost is in Euros...

Shifts maps of (US) city populations

According to Time Magazine November 2007 interactive map the travel maps above and below represent the well known “One Day in America”. The post also included the histogram map of traffic delays. Created by Joe...

Hotel Price Changes (Globally)

Infographic from showing the price changings for 2010-211 The study showed that: 1) In the first six months of the year for the British travelers., New York was the preferable destination 2) In the top 20 list the...