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Deadliest Creatures Around The World

Hidden in the thickest of jungles and the deepest of oceans are some of the most notoriously deadly creatures in the world. Travel Supermarket has created an interesting infographic listing the most deadly animals around...

Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast Infographic

Bed and breakfast is a form of accommodation that involves cheap lodging for travelers. Usually guests sleep in private bedrooms of the host family's homes.

Finding Which Country Is Best For You According To Your Manners

Ever wonder which country you belong in? Which suits best your interests and manners?
Scenic drives in UK

Seven scenic drives in the United Kingdom

Did you rent a car in UK and you are planning a road trip? Before thinking of destinations have a look at the travel infographic below.

Comparing London With Amsterdam

London and Amsterdam are 2 refreshing and surprising cities with unique ancient traditions and culture to explore, full of contrasts and attractions. You are so spoiled with things to do in London that it makes your...

Tales about the most famous monuments

Are you Greek and you don't know the real story of the Colossus of Rhodes? The following infographic gives a short description of the most famous monuments and the reason that they were made...

How WiFi met your airline

In a world in which the choice of a bar, restaurant or even a hotel depends on the fact of having WiFi or not, it shouldn't be surprising that more and more airlines have started...

Dubai Record Breakers

Dubai is spreading! A city of ultra-modern buildings, impressive beaches and stunning hot spots, most tourists head to the Dubai for a luxurious escape, whilst others take advantage of the world famous golf courses,...

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