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A collection of the latest travel Infographics from in order to help graphically oriented travellers

What is legal taking with you while traveling

The particular travel infographic explains what you should take while traveling abroad (what is forbidden or not). Enjoy :)  

Hundred years of Transportation in USA

This infographic was first seen in Good Magazine. The particular infographic looks like monopoly (a board game) but it is just a timeline staring in 1908 and finishing in 2008.     Brought to you by Travel...

Best Golf Courses in Western France

Western France is a paradise for golfers and it's easy to see why - glorious coast and countryside, crowd-free fairways and delicious food and wine. What more could you want! Western France in particular...

Airline Industry | The competitors arena

In 1930 the airline industries were owned by the local government. Nowadays, the industries are divided like the travel infographic below shows:

How rude are you when you are traveling?

This travel infographic shows the way and the level of the rudeness that we have while traveling.Enjoy your trip without bing rude mate :)  

Your tan guide during your beach holidays

The infographic below explains all the issues about an equal all-over tan during their holidays all over the world. It explains as well parts of the body that are not possible to be tanned...

Tha savvy traveler

Do you wonder what is the meaning of the "savy traveler"? The travel infographic be low shows the requirements in order to be one of them ;)  
In Flight Wifi

In-flight WIFI Prices

We live in a world where internet is a must – if you want to know the definition of the word “must”, here it is: be obliged to; should (expressing necessity). On the other...

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