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Beach Breaks

Hungry Traveller Guide to Beach Breaks

When you’ve spent all day messing around on the beach, all that sea air is bound to give you an appetite. Luckily, the Hungry Traveller Guide to Beach Breaks infographic is on hand to...

Dubai Record Breakers

Dubai is spreading! A city of ultra-modern buildings, impressive beaches and stunning hot spots, most tourists head to the Dubai for a luxurious escape, whilst others take advantage of the world famous golf courses,...

The controlled transatlantic superhighway

If you ask somebody about the flight patterns they will respond that they are tight but not so tightly controlled. Below you can see the flight paths over the Atlantic. Isn’t it extremely controlled? From...

What travelers eat and sleep while traveling

Did you ever wonder what to eat and where to sleep while traveling? The travel infographic below that was created by will show you the way...  
Scenic drives in UK

Seven scenic drives in the United Kingdom

Did you rent a car in UK and you are planning a road trip? Before thinking of destinations have a look at the travel infographic below.

The hardest places to survive in the world

Traveling means having fun but in the same time surviving while having fun. The travel infographic below shows the most dangerous places all over the world. Good luck fellas ;)

Guide with the 25 most expensive restaurants in USA

Below is the infographic describing the 25 most expensive restaurants in USA. Enjoy:)  
Mountain Myths

Mountain beasts and terrifying legends

I remember as a kid thinking that the myths on every mountain were real. Have you ever thought the same? The travel infographic below collects most of the myths in one.

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