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A collection of the latest travel Infographics from in order to help graphically oriented travellers

Disadvantages of an Asian trip

Just imagine that you make a trip to Asia and the final concept is not the preferable one? The travel infographic below shows the weak points that has Asia. Seee ya :)  

The numbers behind the travel industry

Did you ever wonder how many things are behind the travel industry? The following travel infographic from Travelmatch shows all the stats.

The right vacation planner for your family

OrlandoVacation did a survey in order to find the way that various families plan for their own vacations.  The travel infographic below show s the responses of 60 families.    

Best time to go to Kerala

Kerala has been chosen among the best family destinations in the world to visit in 2014 along with New York City and Prague and nation states of Denmark, Italy and Hawaii for an award...

The tallest buildings in London

If you are wondering which are the tallest buildings in London along with their date of creation and architecture, the travel infographic bellow give a wide description of 10 of them.

The hardest places to survive in the world

Traveling means having fun but in the same time surviving while having fun. The travel infographic below shows the most dangerous places all over the world. Good luck fellas ;)
6 examples of great customer service

Excellent customer service while traveling

The travel infographic below shows 6 examples of excellent customer service while traveling.

Nuclear Holocaust, what now?

A nuclear holocaust in the world would mean that half of the population wouldn’t know what to do first in order to survive. The infographic below (provided shows some tips in order to...

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