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Your tan guide during your beach holidays

The infographic below explains all the issues about an equal all-over tan during their holidays all over the world. It explains as well parts of the body that are not possible to be tanned...
Traveling from China to Australia

Traveling from China to Australia

The particular travel infographic speaks about the relation between tourism and economy in Australia by having various charts from visitors that invest money in the sunny country.  
Travel The World

Finding The Means To Travel The World

It's not uncommon for people or families to suddenly get the travel bug. Especially with all the fun travel blogs and websites sharing stories of adventurous lifestyles of globe-trotting. But, what if you have a job,...

Traffic death causes around the world

Did you ever wonder which are the traffic related deaths around the world? The infographic below demonstrates all the facts. Read carefully this travel blog :)

The tallest buildings in London

If you are wondering which are the tallest buildings in London along with their date of creation and architecture, the travel infographic bellow give a wide description of 10 of them.
The strangest laws around the world

The strangest laws around the world (1)

There's plenty of weird laws around the globe, the particular travel infographic just so happens to give the details for the the craziest ones that do exist around the world.

Hotel Price Changes (Globally)

Infographic from showing the price changings for 2010-211 The study showed that: 1) In the first six months of the year for the British travelers., New York was the preferable destination 2) In the top 20 list the...
How much to tip around the world

How much to tip around the world

Are you planning on traveling in a new destination for you and you are not aware if you have to tip in the restaurant or not? The travel infographic below give a detailed description...

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