Travel Infographics

A collection of the latest travel Infographics from in order to help graphically oriented travellers

Do you know how much you spent for your vacations?

We all know that it is a great feeling while being on holidays. The bad feeling is when you finish them and you check your bank account. The travel infographic below shows all the...

Brits and their cars abroad

When it comes to going away on your holidays many people choose to do their own travelling around, but aren’t fully aware of the laws in certain regions, or the items you’ll need with...

Sydney | The greatest city in the world

The graphic below gives the reasons why the city of Sydney is one of the best places to live and party around the world

Most dangerous and forbidden fruits and other in the world

The travel infographic below names all the fruits that can cause death and diseases. Read them and watch out ;)  

10 romantic vacation destinations

St Valentines day is coming and you are thinking to go in a romantic and exotic place. The solution? The travel infographic below will give you all the places that you are looking for...

Steps on becoming an explorer of the world

The travel infographic below will show you the way (in just 7 steps) in order to become the best explorer of the world.

Weird items confiscated by customs | Anything to Declare?

While traveling by plane have you ever wondered what the person sitting next to you might be hiding in his/her clothes or bag? Sure you have but no matter what you might think they...

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