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Nuclear Holocaust, what now?

A nuclear holocaust in the world would mean that half of the population wouldn’t know what to do first in order to survive. The infographic below (provided shows some tips in order to...

Access All Areas Guide to Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, is the ultimate vacation destination. During the day you can spend time on beautiful beaches ideal for surfing, swimming or relaxing, hit up the world’s best shopping strip (Hello, Sunset Blvd!)...
The strangest laws around the world

The strangest laws around the world (1)

There's plenty of weird laws around the globe, the particular travel infographic just so happens to give the details for the the craziest ones that do exist around the world.
Amsterdam vs London

Comparing London With Amsterdam

London and Amsterdam are 2 refreshing and surprising cities with unique ancient traditions and culture to explore, full of contrasts and attractions. You are so spoiled with things to do in London that it makes your...

What to do in Florida, USA

Are you bored of reading websites and blogs in order to find some fun stuff to do in Florida? The travel infographic below shows all the things that you can do there mate!! Enjoy...

10 best complaints about American tourists

It is true! This travel blog is totally right Even you have some complaints abou the Americans that go abroad, let's say like tourists. The travel infographic below shows the top 10 compaints about...

Your tan guide during your beach holidays

The infographic below explains all the issues about an equal all-over tan during their holidays all over the world. It explains as well parts of the body that are not possible to be tanned...

6 Common Sun Myths Every Holidaymaker Should Know About

Did you know that you can get sun damage on cloudy days? Or that if you have blue eyes you should take extra care when it comes to UV rays?

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