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A collection of the latest travel Infographics from in order to help graphically oriented travellers

Nine of the strangest items ever carried on a plane

Next time you’re at the airport and you forget to take your belt off before you walk through the metal detectors, console yourself by remembering that things could always be a lot worse. Take...

The Interstate System of Eisenhower

This magnificent way of making simple a whole continent in a small infographic is just fantastic. The style of this graphic is the same with a map (a subway one).   Brought to you by Travel Statistics

Traveling boosted by mobile technology

Do you use your iPhone or any other smartphone in order to plan you holidays? If yes, then you are not the only one. The travel mobile infographic below which was designed by

Facts about Lake Tahoe

The travel infographic below show the right statistics for travellers that want to visit Lake Tahoe and Wikipedia is not enough. According to a research that was conducted by Flipkey, visitors of Lake Tahoe...
weirdest attractions infographic

The weirdest attractions in the world

The travel infographic below shows the weirdest attractions in the world -  two of them are already n my list. Let me know which are yours?

Best Golf Courses in Western France

Western France is a paradise for golfers and it's easy to see why - glorious coast and countryside, crowd-free fairways and delicious food and wine. What more could you want! Western France in particular...
Top 10 cities

Most visited cities by travelers

Many of us consider ourselves explorers and want to travel the world – did you ever wonder that you might have traveled in the most visited city for 2013 ?
Unusual food festivals

Unusual food festivals in Italy

Here is an infographic about unusual food festivals in Italy provided by Citalia Holidays. Very helpful if you're planning a trip to Italy and want to experience something different related to the italian cousine. Infographic...

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