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A collection of the latest travel Infographics from in order to help graphically oriented travellers

B&Bs versus Hotels

Before booking your next holiday think of this: are Hotels better than B&Bs ? The travel infogaphic in this post will give you options where you choose from.  
Traveling to Australia

Traveling to Australia

If you think that Australia is all about kangaroos and crocodiles then you are mistaken. The travel infographic below displays some of the things that you will enjoy doing while there.    

I Dare Say – The 8th Wonder of The World

Are YOU adventurous! If yes, then Peru it seems, will be perfect for you. Why Peru you say? Because in the high Peruvian Andes, is an ancient city called Machu Picchu, its ruins defy all rational explanation.

How to have an anxiety free travel

Everyone has had the stress and the anxiety of arriving at the airport and not having the right things.  The travel infographic below explains in details all the things that you need to do...

12 longest journeys of living things

Do you class yourself as well-travelled? Well the following Infographic might put things into perspective. We take a look at some of the longest migrations in the world. From the cross-Atlantic journey taken by...

What is an adventure traveler ?

Not a lot of people can be characterized as adventure travelers. The travel infographic below which was designed by HCCMIS describes the “Explorer Traveler”

Seven different ways and types of campers

Every single person has a different way of camping in the outdoors. Have a look at the travel infographic below and chose your own way. The particular infographic was designed by Airbedsforless.    

Sydney | The greatest city in the world

The graphic below gives the reasons why the city of Sydney is one of the best places to live and party around the world

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