Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast Infographic

Bed and breakfast is a form of accommodation that involves cheap lodging for travelers to sleep and have breakfast at. Usually guests sleep in private bedrooms of the host family’s homes. Lately traditional B&B accommodation has been declining in popularity as other options have become more fashionable. In then following infographic put together by Toprooms, we see that B&B are actually still a great and viable form of lodging with many pros to them. More specifically, British Bed and Breakfasts are considered the best in the world since 2016.

One of the most attractive and appealing reasons that made B&Bs popular to begin with, is the fact that you get to know more about the local culture, by staying with natives at the destination you’re visiting. You get to see how they live their everyday lives, their cuisine and their language while being on a budget and saving a lot by not going to a hotel.

Some of the pros of sleeping at a bed and breakfast include wonderful customer service, all inclusive affordable options, unique and an overall authentic experience many would even pay extra to have!

All in all, it’s about staying original and enjoying a more personal touch during your trip.

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