I Dare Say – The 8th Wonder of The World

Are YOU adventurous! If yes, then Peru it seems, will be perfect for you. Why Peru you say? Because in the high Peruvian Andes, is an ancient city called Machu Picchu, its ruins defy all rational explanation. There is often a question to the mystery behind men or women who built it. These structures were built not to have any defensive walls, so it will be a far cry to call it a fortress, but instead, there are fountains and small pools, temples and strange altars cut from granite. Even more, unbelievable is the fact that these massive structures were built with no iron tools or wheels, which raises the question, how were they able to build such a masterpiece. This great and mysterious masterpiece is perched on a narrow ridge of 2450 meters. This ridge houses over 200 hundred structures, they consist majorly of homes and temples, and they all surround a half hectare of green that is fed continuously with open waterways and fountains. It is a lost city that evokes the questioning of the contemporary wisdom inherent in these early dwellers.

Indeed, a magnificent place that strikes you with both beauty and wonder. There are no written texts or carvings to hint any clues or intent of these early men.

At the highest point of these structures is an even bigger mystery of a nicely built rectangular pillar. The view from the top of these gigantic structure does not only leave you bedazzled, but also tickles your imagination as to how the stones used for building these structures were carried up to that astounding height. In fact more interesting is the fact that all the stones used, were evenly cut, that no form of mortar was used in all the structures. The rocks were just placed on top of each other. I know that all of these are beginning to sound impossible and unimaginable, but it is nothing short of the plain truth. Who built Machu Picchu, and why was it made in this practically impossible place??? Who knows, maybe you can answer these questions by taking a trip to this beautiful place. But…wait a minute….How can you do that– you say? Well, there are various travel and tour companies that can make your tour an interesting one. But one thing I can tell you is that, at kandoo adventures, they not only make your tour experience an amazing one, but they do it with such style and grace, that you feel instantly connected to the ancient Inca people that built these magnificent structures on Machu Picchu.


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