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Sveti Stefan, an island and an exclusive resort in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan, Santo Stefano di Pastrovicchio is a small promontory, once the haunt of pirates, now an exclusive hotel resort in Montenegro, approximately 6 kilometers south-east of Budva. Sveti Stefan in the past, as well as being a den of pirates was also a small island, which has always retreated 12 historic families of the […]

The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro | Europe’s southernmost fjord

The Bay of Kotor is located in the southern part of the Adriatic, just off the coast of Puglia, where it is wedged in a fjord coast for about 28 kilometers, creating a unique landscape, suspended between sea and mountains. It happens to arrive there by car from the winding road that leads from the […]

What to see in Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica is the official capital and the cultural center of Montenegro. Majority of the city was ruined during the World War II. For this reason you can find only modern structures and green areas around Podgorica. There are many culture events that are happening every year the city. You can also find theaters like the […]

A thirteen hour trip with Andy from Fyr Macedonia to the Dalmatian coast

A thirteen hour trip with Andy from Fyr Macedonia to the Dalmatian coast

The total journey covered most of the Balkan countries, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia. After Macedonia we headed for the Dalmatian Coast because in this part of Europe most affordable air connections are usually found in Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik. Countries that fall by the wayside such as Albania, Serbia and Bosnia were […]

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