5 Tips To Stay Safe In Shady Motels

Let’s face it, even the best-laid plans for a trip or a vacation may have us ending up in a shady motel. It may be due to bad planning and insufficient research, or maybe because the car ran out of gas, it was late, and this was the nearest place to spend the night. Or because the budget did not allow for a five-star hotel stay. Whatever the reason, it is important to know how to stay safe when staying in shady motels. Here are some useful tips:

Keep an Eye on Your Luggage at all Times


Never let your suitcases out of your sight. When unloading them from the car and throughout the check-in process. And if you want to get something to eat, don’t leave them in the lobby. Take the time to get them to your room and lock the door.

Keep Your Door Locked

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t assume that you are surrounded by nice people and make a habit of locking your room every time, whether you are in or out. Use the security chain and don’t open the door to anyone, even when they claim to be hotel employees. Verify at the front desk if they have sent someone to your room.

Avoid Staying On The Ground Floor

Intruders and others wishing to gain entry to a room will look for the easiest way to achieve this. Staying just a few floors up is a great idea since going too high may make it harder to get out in case of fires or other natural disasters.

Inspect the Room Before Unpacking

Don’t take anything out of your suitcase until you have inspected the room and found it to be at least reasonably clean. Make sure the phone works should you need to call the front desk and verify that the locks work and that all windows can also be securely shut. These small actions can make for a much more comfortable and safer stay.

Don’t Leave Your Valuables in the Room


If your electronic devices, chargers, jewelry, passports, and other valuables get stolen, not only will it ruin your vacation, recovering them may take time and money. A little prevention may avoid some future headaches. If you cannot take them with you, ask for a safe at the front desk.

Have you suffered an accident or a loss while staying in a shady motel?

According to Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., hotels have certain responsibilities towards their guests. Not only must they provide reasonably safe accommodations, but they must also carry out their duty of care towards their guests. If any of these actions are not present, you may have a legal claim against them, and your lawyer can tell you what actions need to be taken to protect your legal rights and recover your damages.

As soon as the incident takes place, inform the hotel’s management of what happened, then call the police and get a copy of their report. Gather evidence by taking pictures and, if you or your loved ones suffered an injury, get medical attention right away. Keep a detailed file of all your losses and expenses. They will help your lawyer build a strong case when fighting for your rights.

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