7 Reasons You Should be Blogging About Your Travel Now

Sometimes when we travel, we become so absorbed in our new experiences it is difficult to record what we witness. We become lost in our adventures and living in the moment. This is very zen and a great way to invigorate our minds and spirits, however, it often creates regret when we don’t document our adventures. Our friends and family feel neglected. Our future selves regret our faulty memories. Our future friends dismiss our accounts.

Our minds forget details and we squander the opportunity to capitalize on our adventurous escapades. Today, with the ease and power of mobile technology, documenting our travels and even sharing them through blogging is a great way to accentuate our experiences. And because websites are so easy and inexpensive to create today, having a travel site just makes sense. Here are seven reasons why you should be blogging about your travels.


Even the best memories lose track of details, names, locations and relevant facts. Often we look back on our experiences and feel an emotional imprint, but forget the actual events which created that imprint. By blogging your experience, you can capitalize on the freshness of memories and record them in a way that allows you to remember them accurately.

This also allows your readers to experience your travels vicariously and bear witness to the events, creating a document and witnesses to keep your travels memorialized. This is valuable as a social tool, but also could become handy if any legal issues arise. Blogging your travels becomes contemporaneous notes confirming your whereabouts and your engagements.


Many of us live mundane lives. We wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV, go to bed and do it all over again. We often wish we had more adventure in our lives, but are not sure how do change our routines or even that we can.

By blogging about your travels, you provide inspiration to people who have become trapped in their own ruts. By seeing pictures and reading descriptions of exciting encounters people become energized and feel compelled to experience more.

Share The World

Even if it’s a small world after all, it is big enough that we can never experience all of it. By blogging about your travels, you help people experience slices of the world through you that they otherwise might never have any exposure to. This improves their understanding of cultures and cultivates tolerance. The world becomes less scary for those who have chosen to remain insulated from the fringes.

Motivate Yourself

When you blog, you put yourself on the hook for being interesting. This means that your travels must go beyond drinking daiquiris by the pool. This might be a relaxing way to spend your vacation, but it makes for a short and uninspiring blog post.

Blogging inspires you to go into the nether regions and explore the exotic. It forces you out of your comfort zone. It is said that in order to become interesting, you must first be interested. Blogging about your travels compels you into the interesting world and makes you interesting.

Make Money

There are multiple ways to monetize your blog, and if you create enough attention, traveling and writing about it can become your career. If you have enough readers, you can make money from advertisers and some companies want to post to popular blogs in order to create SEO content for their clients. They will pay to post on your site. And the beauty is, not only can you do this from anywhere, as a travel blogger, you are essentially required to.

Get Feedback From Fellow Travelers For Your Next Destination

Comments sections on some blogs can be testimony as to the worst of all humankind. However, in travel blogs, people often share their experiences with travels in the comments and provide great suggestions as to what to do and where to go. This can give depth to your Let’s Go books and send you to adventures only known about by fellow travelers.

Relieve Stress For Your Loved Ones

When we travel, it is normal that our loved ones worry. Different countries have different laws and due processes. Travel exposes you to dangers, be they nature or human. When you blog about your travels, your family can exhale and know that you (at least at the time of publication) are alive and well. This can also save you the work of duplicating your efforts via emails and social media posts.

It is no longer sufficient to send a postcard home to your friends and family. If you travel, you need to be blogging about it. And if you do, you help create a better, more informed, world and you might even make some money. It’s so easy and inexpensive, not doing so makes no sense. Bon voyage.

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