Bamberg…a combination of cities I love

Traveling to Germany on a freezing December day made me dream of snow and X-mas decoration but never had I imagined that I would encounter a town where two of my most beloved cities would be combined…Known as <<Little Venice>> for it is built in the middle of river <<Regnitz>>   the access to this splendid old town with ancient buildings is only through two bridges of stone for the place is interconnected by so many waterways that you will be strongly reminded of Venice. Bamberg is located in the north of Bavaria, it has once been an Imperial City and is known to be a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 1993 whose Baroque architecture prompts you to that of Prague. It’ medieval features have been preserved and restored and the basic structure of this medieval town shows not only by the Cathedral and the Old town hall but from the areas between them too such as its streets as well as its squares. The town was chosen by emperor Heinrich II to be one of the two main locations second after Rome.

City of Bamberg-Germany
City of Bamberg-Germany

The emperor, whose tomb is one of the most visited sights, financed Bamberg’s cathedral back in the 11th century which is well known by its grandeur and remarkable design as well as its incomparable collection of statues. Bamberg survived most of the World War II bombing coming pretty much unscathed out of it and reserving its unique features. The island town,  embraced by the river Regnitz as it is, remains down to this day  the middle class market, even nowadays the main part of the trade is been done on the island. Along the right side of the river the market-gardens have developed bringing the Episcopal Town and the Island Town together in one of Bamberg’s best features. The town offers sights as the <<Seehof>> castle with its Renaissance architecture and its elegant park. I was left speechless though, by the frescoes which decorate the buildings by the river.  One of Bamberg’s many prides seems to be Rauchbier, its smoked beer which is produced by local breweries and is available in the town’s cozy pubs and restaurants. As breweries are all over the place you can easily find a place to chat and drink. Stay alert for the town’s local street festivals were people may leave the solid ground and dance on the table to Bavarian tunes!

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