Best Stateside Destinations for Adventure Vacation

An adventure vacation is the best trip to feed your soul. Being one with nature reminds you of all the good things about being human and offers you opportunities to create memories that will last you for a lifetime. The world is your literal playground when you are backpacking your way through it.

That being said, sleeping under the stars however magical and transformative requires a few smart outdoor trip necessities. A down sleeping bag that will keep you warm even in the coldest of nights and it’s so lightweight that you won’t even feel it when you carry it, can be a trip saver and a lifesaver. So it is safe to say that you should equally plan for equipment as for the destination you will visit, before embarking on an outdoor adventure vacation.

While on the subject of destinations, here are the best stateside locations every adventure vacation junkies must have on their trip list.



If you ask any outdoors enthusiast their definition of paradise, they will answer Yellowstone. And with excellent reason. The Yellowstone National Park is spread over 2.2million acres, from the northwest corner of Wyoming to the edge of Idaho and Montana. The park offers more than a fair share of untouched, uninhabited, and unspoiled nature just waiting to be explored.

Except wandering around the beautiful greenery of the forest, you can witness the natural miracle that is the world-renowned glacier Old Faithful. Take in the amazing view that is Yellowstone Lake. See the park’s “cave turned inside out” known as Mammoth Hot Springs and learn about the fascinating history of the park in Albright Visitor Centre.

While you explore the 3,000 square miles of geysers, mountains, waterfalls, and canyons are prepared to share the trails with some of the park’s residents like buffalo, elk, and sometimes even grizzly bears.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon landscape in Arizona, USA

“Grand” doesn’t even begin to describe the grandness, gloriousness, and greatness of the Grand Canyon. A mile deep, this massive chasm is located in northern Arizona where for 6 million years is being expanded by the power of The Colorado River. Today, The Grand Canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world.

Capturing the hearts of millions with its red and orange grandeur, the Grand Canyon has a lot to offer. You can visit the South Rim for a hike on the famous Bright Angel Trail or visit the Grand Canyon Village. To escape the crowds, you can visit the North Rim. This place is the ideal location for backwoods camping and hardcore hiking. But if you want to fully experience the majesticness of the Grand Canyon be sure to sign up for a helicopter tour.


Upper Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, California

Home to some of the most unique rock formations in the United States, the Yosemite National Park should be on top of any travel list. The 1,200 square miles of pure awe will leave anybody speechless. The park is full of millennia-old Sequoia trees, daunting cliffs, and out-of-this-world waterfalls.

Set up camp in Yosemite Valley which is the beating heart of the park. Go on the thrilling Mist Trail where you will climb a 600-step granite staircase and see the Nevada Fall and Vernal Fall waterfalls. Hike the extreme Yosemite’s Half Dome Cables Route for an unforgettable and life-changing experience. Admire one of the world’s largest granite monoliths El Capitan and visit Mirror Lake which is in fact a big pool in the Tenaya Creek for a stunning photo.


Pedestrian Bridge Lake Crossing Adirondack State Park New York

Whether you are an adventurer, an outdoor enthusiast, or you just appreciate beautiful scenery – chances are you will fall in love with the first sight of northern New York’s Adirondacks region. A place where the season doesn’t play a role in the number of activities that you can do. During winter you can partake in a vast array of snow activities like dog sledding, snowshoeing, bobsledding, and skiing. During the warmer mounts you set up a camping site, go whitewater rafting, biking, canoeing, and even do a little bit of fishing.

The three lakes of the region, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and Tupper Lake only add to the natural beauty of the region. This mountainous area is also heaven for the people interested in sports history. It’s because the Adirondacks are home to places like the Olympic Sports Complex and Lake Placid Olympic Museum.

Lake Tahoe



A place where Mother Nature meets glamour. The mind-boggling beauty of Lake Tahoe is more than enough reason for it to be on this list. But, Lake Tahoe has many other attributes that make it a location like no other.

It rests on the border between California and Nevada and is rich with steep granite cliff sides and towering mountaintops. The Lake itself has translucent turquoise waters which are responsible for it being one of the most beautiful water bodies in the United States. You can pick one of the many hiking trails that surround it and enjoy some picture-perfect vistas along the way. You can even go on a mountain gondola ride and then sip some tea in one of the chic cafes. A hot air balloon ride in winter is a must-try.

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