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The World’s 5 Best Secret Bars

If you’re a fan of Roaring 20s fashion and films like Bugsy Malone you’ll be familiar with speakeasies. These prohibition-era drinking dens were also nicknamed blind tigers — favourite spots for savvy revellers to carouse...
Magic Restroom Café, Los Angeles

Bizarre restaurants in the U.S.A

In America, anything can happen. This also constitutes the backbone of the so called American dream, which means the belief that in the United States anyone who works hard is able to have a...
Tom yum kung

5 dishes you should eat in Thailand

Thai cuisine is rich in traditions, flavors and ethnic mixes. In addition to Chinese food, there is also the traditional Arabic cuisine and finally, Indian, hence the use of curry and coconut milk. In...
Greek Food

What to eat in Greece this summer

Let’s leave aside our traditional food and let's focus only on traditional dishes that are part of the Greek tradition. Meanwhile, we find that by the Hellenic Tourism in Greece has appeared first in...
Xiaolongbao, China

International trademark foods

If your family likes international travel, or you just like to constantly try delicacies of different cuisines and cultures, the following international snacks may be a source of inspiration for a more complete diet....
Galvin at Windows

Enjoy your dinner with the best restaurant views

What is better than enjoying a high quality dinner? Eating with magical landscape views! From Paris to Bangkok and from Toronto to Vienna, we travel you around the world to some of the best...

6 Meals That People Cross Over the World to Taste

Good food is an important factor for taking a decision to visit a place. Some people however, are willing to travel a lot of miles just to taste some famous meals.
Restaurants in Paris

Eating vegetarian food in Paris | The Gentle Gourmet Café

What you see in the picture above is the legendary burger restaurant's à la française Gentle Gourmet Cafe which is located at number 24 Blvd de la Bastille in Paris, you know, if you...

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