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food and wine tourism

The best cities for food and wine tourism

After getting various tourists to vote and participating in a survey, a ranking of the best places to go hunting for gourmet food was unveiled. I have to say that it lacks some surprises,...

Foodie hotspots on a Mediterranean cruise

If you’ve been lucky enough to find a cruise deal that sees you visit various ports in the Mediterranean, you may be wondering just what to expect from your time ashore. We thought you...
Fish Bone

Fish & Chips in London, here’s where you can find the best

After the bagels, one of the delicacies typical of the British capital is the classic bag of fish and chips (fried breaded fish accompanied by chips and if you really want to be traditional,...
Defne Restaurant Berlin

Top restaurants in Berlin, 2012

Since the end of Iron Curtain area, there is no other city in Europe like Berlin who has seen change. The two Berlins are now unified into one that offers travelers pieces of architecture,...

Where to eat in Paris

Paris has a wide variety of places to eat. The greatest institutions of gastronomy that the city owns are the bistros and the brasseries. The bistro atmosphere is reminiscent by artists and poets, the...
Q Restaurant

Where to eat in Amman, Jordan

One thing you should never underestimate while organizing a trip is the food: European cuisine and you are just open to the cuisines of the world, or rather gastro-explorers and gourmets, the choice of...

The Best Rooftop Restaurants In Rome

Rome is not just about magnificent buildings, architectural marvels, statues, and medieval history. The city offers so much in high rooftop restaurants that serve Italian delicacies and cuisine from different parts of the world. Here the best rooftop restaurants you should never miss.

In the charity kitchen of Jon Bon Jovi

The famous singer Jon Bon Jovi launched in his hometown New Jersey, the Soul Kitchen, a restaurant where you pay as much as you want to or even as much as you can afford...

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