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The varsity menu

World’s Largest Drive-in Restaurant | plus a multi-level parking garage in Atlanta

One of the most popular spots in Atlanta is The Varsity. It was established in 1928 as the brainchild of Frank Gordy. He loved the idea of serving the freshest ingredients as well as...

The weirdest Asian food

Well Asia, apart from its great civilizations has developed a special cuisine. Although several of the Asian delicacies are relatively "close" to European tastes like the roast duck, several of the most traditional dishes...

Tasteful Traveling – Barbecues Throughout The World

With the arrival of warm days comes the long-awaited and beloved BBQ season. When you can leave your city with friends to soak up some sunshine and enjoy fragrant smoked meat with a golden crust seasoned with spices.

The most atmospheric cafes in Europe

Discover the most legendary cafés of Europe. Among the famous patrons, politicians, actors, directors, writers and artists that changed the world by having interesting conversations while drinking their coffee in their favorite cafe. Cafe Kunsthistorisches...

All You Need To Know About Traveling With Wine

Some people can't do without their wine. So when you're traveling you might want to bring a few bottles of wine with you on the plane.

What to see and do in Nepal

You're going to climb the Everest and suddenly you realize you don't want to die so young... and the plane departs in 10 minutes! What do you do now? Don't worry, take that flight...

What foods you should not try while traveling

The testing of new flavors of the local cuisine on your next trip sounds like a very tempting process. There are few times, moreover, that travelers consume foods, unknown to them, just to experience...

How to Eat Healthy While in Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas doesn’t have to mean you’re eating fast food the entire time. Vacations can still include healthy eating, and in this guide, we’re going to give you some awesome tips on how to eat healthy while in Las Vegas.

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