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Top Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Miami

After relaxing at South Beach, there's nothing better than mouth-watering treat to give you a sweet energy boost to keep up with Miami’s nightlife.
Greek Lentil Soup Recipe

Delicious Greek lentil soup recipe

 I spent last summer in Greece and it was amazing! So, there was this night that my company and I were enjoying our dinner in a Greek 'taverna'. Its daily special was "Lentil soup"....
Flair Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy the view from the best rooftop bars around the world

The latest fashion for cocktails and after dinner is to meet at bar with panoramic terrace, or Rooftop Bars, which are now present in the most important cities in the world. Located on the...

The best ethnic restaurants in London

A journey into the flavors of the world with a single visit to the well known city, London. One of the biggest culinary capitals around the world. Here everything gets confused and simultaneously highlighted...

Typical and traditional food of Bolivia

Chicha-Cup If you are planning to visit Bolivia in a small budget, there is no need to worry about food. The typical Bolivian dishes are described to be cheap, filing and delicious. Although this is case,...

Worldwide wellbeing — 5 global superfoods

While you’re winding your way around the world, sampling the local cuisine is almost mandatory — along with music, language and scenery, it enables complete cultural immersion. And while sticking to a spartan diet during...

Wine Tourism In Santorini Island

The origin of the wines of Santorini dates back 3500 years in history. Its production and trade enjoyed great prestige in 1700 B.C. Its uniqueness is due to a combination of environmental conditions and the...
Cocktail Mixologist

Best cocktails around the world

During a vacation, discovering a new cocktail can help you discover what are the traditions and flavours that distinguish cities and nations. Some cocktails are often made with ingredients found only in specific parts...

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