Could Quitting Smoking on Vacation Make The Transition Easier?

When it comes to quitting smoking, it almost never seems like the right time.

If it’s during work, then we find it too much of a burden to break from during the day-to-day. If it’s during the holidays, then the pressure and families can cause stress. Even trying to quit during the weekend can be difficult, as it’s often the time we look at as our moment to relax. However, what about if we tried to quit on vacation?

If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking before, you know that a vacation can be a dangerous time to deal with. As it could either make or break your trip, quitting can also be an incredibly powerful experience on vacation…providing something that will stick with you for years to come. With the proper steps and preparation though, quitting smoking on vacation can be easy as pie. That’s why we’re going to go over a few helpful steps to consider so you can take the leap too. Check it out below:

Having An Alternative To Use

When quitting smoking on vacation, it makes things easier if you have an alternative tobacco product to use just in case. While quitting cold turkey is admirable, that’s not always safe, with many smokers eventually going back to smoking simply because they were putting themselves in a mental state they weren’t prepared for. Instead, having a smokeless, tobacco-less product like Black Buffalo is a wise choice, giving you the freedom and flexibility to ease into a healthier lifestyle.

Readjusting Your Headspace

It can be easy to get irritable without smoking on vacation. For this reason, it’s smart to readjust where your head is at before you leave; for example, asking yourself why you smoke? What drew you to it? How has that relationship since you started? Why do you want to quit? And most importantly, what do you look forward to out of nonsmoker’s lifestyle? Answering these can help drive your thinking to a healthier place to tackle quitting on vacation.

Looking At Relaxation Differently

We often view cigarettes as a tool of relaxation, which has distorted our view on what it truly means to relax. To truly relax means that nothing can bother you, as well as that no outside stimulation is necessary to feel like yourself. A hard place to be, the first step is acknowledging that cigarettes didn’t help relax you at all…but certain aspects of your vacation definitely can.

Developing New Routines

A vacation isn’t exactly where you’re going to develop a new day-to-day, but it could be a smart place to start integrating new things to do in your routine. For example, if you’ve always wanted to take on running, a vacation can be a great place to start taking your time with it, as well as not feeling as though your neighbors are all giving you a stare while you try a new activity. Brainstorm on what you want to replace with smoking, giving this vacation a test period to try new stuff.

Finding New Interests

When you quit smoking, you’re also giving yourself the opportunity to explore new hobbies and interests. Things that were once too expensive or not worth the money might now be more appealing to you, such as taking a class or joining a club. This is the birth of a new opportunity to learn about yourself, as well as redefine what your future looks like. Take this vacation to get back in touch with yourself, learning what exactly you’ve been missing out on from smoking all those years.

Treating Yourself (to a smoke-free lifestyle)

It’s important to enjoy yourself with your newfound finances (and freedom). This means treating yourself…and what better place to do that than on vacation? Whether it’s a steak dinner, new threads, or even that set of golf clubs you’ve been eying, the money you’re saving from quitting should definitely go towards treating yourself. After all, quitting is a monumental task, which is why you deserve a little treat.

Coming Back To A New Normal

When your vacation is over, it can be easy to resort to old habits. To avoid this, remember that right now is the opportunity to define ‘a new normal’ for yourself. This means the new and improved you can start shining on your peers, embracing a new lifestyle that you didn’t know was possible.

As your vacation can be a great crutch to helping you transition into a smoke-free life, it’s important to remember that you’re in this for the long haul. Remember, fitness is a lifetime goal, and as such, will be something you need to keep steadily improving upon day-in and day-out to truly leave your old self in the past and embrace a new life for the future.

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