7The San Gabriel Canyon Road

San Gabriel Canyon Road

California dreaming. When you visit this state, you’re going to be tempted to race through the mountainous roads – hugging every corner and flooring it on the straight-aways. But, don’t go driving down just any road. Here are some of the most exiting scenic drives along the Pacific coast. Doing this on an RV is a great idea, so make sure to check RV rental California before you set out, to make sure your road-trip lacks nothing.

Websites, like Hipmunk, can help you prepare for your trip by helping you find a great deal on a rental vehicle. And, you’ll need it for this stretch of road. The San Gabriel Canyon Road is part of State Route 39, and runs past two reservoirs and onto East Ford Road. Hikers come to the park here at the terminus and make a nine-mile trek to the Bridge to Nowhere. It’s a bridge that was abandoned in the 1930s, which, as the name suggests, goes nowhere. Today, it’s used as a quasi-legal bungee jumping site. If you continue on the main road, you’ll go past the park and up to Crystal lake, which ends at a gate just beyond its turnoff. Unfortunately, a series of landslides have closed the road off, which used to connect to State Route 2. So, you’ll have to backtrack to get back into civilization. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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