Document Your Global Travels With Instagram

For many, it seems like the dream job: being able to travel around the world and making a living from it by keeping a record of your trips and sharing them with other people. And yet it doesn’t have to be a dream; being a professional travel blogger and detailing your holidays for all to see is something that quite a few people have decided to have a go at and some of them are doing quite well for themselves out of it. There are plenty of people out there who have been bitten by the travel bug and have been left with the common symptoms: an itch to explore the globe that can only be scratched by packing your bags and stepping out in the big wide world. While its one thing to go out and do this, it is quite another to build an audience of your own and have them watch you as you go for it. Yet there are quite a number of people doing just that. While this has been going on in one form or another for quite some time, it is becoming more popular than ever. Let’s have a look at how that came to be.

Who wants to follow travel bloggers?

People detailing their trips is a topic that has been around for some time and one that has been expressed in various formats over the millenia. As long as people have decided to travel to foreign lands and write up in-depth accounts of their adventures, there have been people interested in reading them. As other media evolved, this moved on to include television and radio and then the Internet. The Internet just might be the perfect place for people to detail their travles as it offers them the opportunity to blend the different formats of text, video, audio and photos. To this end, the rise of the travel blogger has led to many people engaging with them in the hope of picking up some useful information. Just what that information may be depends on the type of traveller they are. Some people will have already decided on where they are going. If that this the case then they are simply looking for tips regarding their chosen destination about where to stay, what to eat and what to expect in general. Other people are looking to be inspired. They have a nagging feeling at the back of their head about going somewhere but they are waiting to be completely sold on the idea. They need to see and hear the breathtaking views, the thrilling experiences, the mouth-watering food and the charming locals. They need this in order to convince them that travelling is for them. Another group that will be interested are the travellers who are looking for recommendations. These travellers are a few steps ahead of the ones looking for inspiration but are still a bit behind the ones looking for tips. They are looking for recommendations on places to go. They don’t have any strong ideas themselves and are willing to listen to what the more seasoned and experienced travellers who have been there and done that have to say regarding the topic. Of course, you will have a few more people who fall somewhere in between these groupings but, generally speaking, this is the audience you are catering to.

Why is Instagram the ideal place for this sort of venture?

As we have mentioned before, Instagram provides its users with a platform to share content that is a mixture of visual, aural and written formats. While other social networks focus more on text, Instagram gives attention to the visual side and this is the perfect way for you to show off your holidays. There really is nothing like the perfect picture of a stunning landscape to catch the eye of people. Similarly, with Instagram, you can upload videos of your holiday experiences and share them with the world. What’s more, Instagram has one particularly popular feature which is a perfect way to show off your holidays to the world: this is Instagram Stories. With it, you can make a compilation of photos and videos and create an online booklet of what you have been up to over the past 24 hours while on holidays. When the Story is finished, you can save it as one of your favourite stories on your profile. This way, you can relive the memories of this holiday forever and your followers or anyone else who may be interested in your trips will be able to look at them whenever they like.

How can I make a name for myself on Instagram?

Getting the attention of a large audience on Instagram is the key to being able to make a living from it. To do so, you need to have followers to begin with. If you need to have a base to get started, you can always buy instant Instagram followers. These will be able to champion your cause in the beginning and help you build up the momentum to get even bigger. Don’t worry: there are plenty of people who are looking for information about travel on Instagram. People are posting with #vacations and #holidays hashtags so you can be sure they’ll be interested in your experiences. Remember: there are more than a billion active users on Instagram so you won’t have any trouble finding people wanting to hear about your travels.

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