Escape to the City of Love

Why not share your love with another in the city of spectacular lights, charming streets and amazing views atop the Eiffel Tower. Visit the city of love in the most romantic heart of France.


Experience the beauty in this monumental midnight city of Paris.

Before you whisk your lover away to France, be sure to check out opportunities to make the experience as suave as possible. The easiest way to ensure an easy trip to the airport is by booking in advance with Airport Parking Luton It is not the most romantic ride to the airport from within a taxi. To ensure the comfort of your own car, book your East Midlands Airport Parking spot now!

The city of love is known to hold some of the finest cultural landmarks and architectural splendors in all of Europe. The romantic atmosphere of Paris is painted with elegantly shaped iron and the grandeur of aesthetics in food and fashion. When visiting Paris, be sure to see the Palaces of Versailles, one of largest and most beautiful castles in the world. Explore the gardens and stunning architecture that make this sight a popular attraction. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is another masterpiece of architecture that you won’t want to miss! This enormous Gothic church complete with gargoyles has been made famous by the story of the hunchback Quasimodo who lived in medieval Paris. Visit the top of these towers to get a better look into Quasimodo’s vantage over the city, free of charge. The dramatic exterior towers, stained glass designs, and fine statuary of this grand cathedral will take your breath away! With a Paris Pass, you will be able to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame and many other famous sights all on one ticket. I recommend checking out the Paris Pass to save money on admission to all the best attractions!

What trip to Paris would be complete without first stopping into the Louvre, home to the world’s largest and most diverse collection of art works made from international sources before the 20th Century? Stopping in you say? In reality, this museum is absolutely enormous in size! Enter the Louvre knowing there is enough inside these extensive galleries to hold your attention for not just hours but days! Between paintings, sculptures, and decorative objects, the exceptional quality and mastery of art bleeds from the walls of the monumental galleries. The Orsay Museum is another great art collection featuring some well-known names such as the works of Monet, Van Gogh, Delacroix, Renoir and many other greats. The home of Opera de Paris since the 1600s, the Palais Garnier is where you will find some of the finest ballet, chamber music, and of course, opera performances in Paris. The jaw dropping splendor of the grand marble staircase within the Palais Garnier is a foreshadowing into the realm of Paris performing arts. With private boxes overlooking the stage and grand chandelier cascading from the ceiling, this theater is truly a magnificent sight! The Palias Garnier is located near some of the finest shopping in Paris. I recommend the Galleries Lafayette which is just one of the many places to shop in the nearby area.

For a unique look into the city, I suggest a trip down the River Seine onboard the Bateaux Parisians River cruise. This relaxing ride is great way to experience some of the city’s most famous sights without walking all over the city. Another unique way to leap into French culture while in Paris is to attend “How to Become Parisian in One Hour.” This hilarious adult show featuring fine French comedy is a great way to spend the evening out. And when you and your lover have shared the drama and been charmed by the most romantic city, you will remain in this blissful state of mind knowing you secured your spot with Parking at Liverpool Airport Get away to the city that lives and breath romantic love in Paris, France.

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