Highlands of Folgaria and Lavarone

The plateau of Lavarone, Folgaria and Luserna is one of the largest high altitude plateaus of the Alps surrounded by pastures and mountains that make them ideal destinations for hikers.

Lavarone's Lake
Lavarone’s Lake

There are many natural beauties and places worth visiting: the forests of conifers, the lovely lake Lavarone, the highest white spruce in Europe (known as the Avez Prinzepe), the waterfall dell’Hofentòl, biotopes and Ecken Mountain Pasture Pond, the trail of Geomorphological Mezzomonte, the Alpine Botanical Garden of Passo Coe and the path of the seven Austro-Hungarian fortresses.

The two most important resorts are Folgaria and Lavarone.


Only 20 km from the highway north of Rovereto, located in a wide sunny valley at 1200 meters, is composed of seven hamlets: Costa, Serrada, Guardia, Mezzomonte, San Sebastian and Carbonare Nosellari.

Folgaria da Belvedere
Folgaria da Belvedere

It is very well equipped as a mountain resort, both for summer and winter: it can count on a ski area boasts 58 miles of trails for downhill skiing (Ski Carousel) and 47 km of cross country skiing (at the bottom of the centers Passo Coe and Fort Cherle). Almost all the tracks are served by artificial snow system.  There are also many sports facilities: the sports center with its Olympic pool, an indoors basketball court, a gym and fitness center, indoor ice rink, a 9-hole golf course, outdoor tennis courts and a springboard for free-flight tests.

Skiing in Folgaria
Skiing in Folgaria

Its accommodation capacity is considerable and diverse: 48 hotels, many different residences, camping sites, holiday camps, shelters and many private apartments for rent.  Among the historical and artistic attractions are: the parish church, the cemetery of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the charming Old Town, the Spilzi Maso, the castle farm, the church of San Valentino, the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace and several fortifications Austro-Hungarian ( Cherle Forte, Forte High High, the Supreme Forte Dosso).


1,170 meters above sea level, is placed between the highlands of Folgaria and Luserna and is composed of several fractions. The most important are Church, Gionghi, Bertoldi and Chapel. Its summer and winter resorts are of long tradition, with 18km- tracks, 25 hotels that differ from the other residences, camping sites and apartments-to-rent.


The plateau of Lavarone has qualified tourist-sports facilities, including the soccer field, tennis courts, a swimming center and a climbing center. Also worth a visit are: the Fort Belvedere – Gschwent, strong museum, the military cemetery Slaghenaufi, the Museum of honey and of course the Village of Little Lake. Lavarone, so dear to Sigmund Freud.

Many paths and trails in the summer you can walk or mountain bike.

By Nikos K

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