Laguna del Diamante in Mendoza, Argentina

Found in the southwest of Mendoza, Laguna del Diamante is set on a province with great pasture and valets. This place is not well known but can give you an unforgettable travel experience. The main source is a lake that flows from San Rafael. It got the name from the crystal water that resembles that spark of diamond. This place can only be reached from December to March because the area is prone to severe weather conditions making it impossible to reach the area and heavy blizzards are blocking the area for most of the year.

Laguna del Diamante
Laguna del Diamante

You can get to Laguna Del Diamante by driving through the cordilleras. This said to be a real experience as well. The place is remote to the point that there is no public transport that travels in the area. You will need to hire a tour agency that will offer you the trip. There are day trips where you can enjoy horse trekking and climbing to the mountains. You might also want to take a tour from San Rafael which is said to be a close distance to the sight. As an advice it is best to always bring your passport with you. The lagoon is found in the bottom of Maipo’s volcano. The area is declared to be protected since 1995. Be sure to always have a digital camera with you and you can be able to capture the wildlife. It is best to know more about Laguna Del Diamante. The whole lagoon is resting on top of sulfur vents. There are poisonous gases that you should watch out for. It is said that the lagoon is hyper alkaline so it is several times saltier than the sea water. Aside from the fact that gas is harmful and toxic, the place is very high and it is dangerous for any life form in the lagoon.

The oxygen levels are low and the ultra violet light from the sun is intense compared to other regions. There scientists that have been exploring the area for years and they have found out that the rocks are filled with microbes. There are also species that are adapting to the condition of the lagoon, making the whole of the area as extreme as never. It is said that this place is quite similar to the early earth. It will give scientists an idea on how life began in this world. It is better to be prepared when planning to visit this extraordinary place.

Photo: pablo:espinosa