Most expensive travel gadgets

There are a lot of travel gadgets that are cheap however if you want to splurge a little bit then you can do so. You can find quite a number of expensive travel gadgets that worth considering. Remember that you would want to spend your money at a very efficient manner.  When you aren’t traveling make sure that your gadgets are protected, you can even find a tech savvy wireless solution to help protect your home.Some of these gadgets are:

Travel Gadgets
Travel Gadgets
  • The IPod Touch is said to be the most versatile tool that you can bring with you during your travel. It doesn’t just play music but all it has all the features of the famous iPhone. Of course this doesn’t include the telephone part. Additionally, there are many free apps that you can download. You can also save by opting for a refurbished model.
  •  Victorinox Swiss Army is very handy. You can find a special tool set that is very handy. Just in case you will want to install or fix something while on the road, then this is a great tool to have. Aside from the knife, this also has pliers and a corkscrew.
  • You would want to invest on a Flip Video Camera that can record hours of videos. You might also want to opt for a point and a shoot camera. Be sure to purchase a product that will give high definition results and would offer high memory storage.
  • EBook Reader is something that comes in handy during your trip. There are a lot of books that you can download for free in this gadget. This is a great gift for serious travelers. This is something that can keep you company while in the beach or if you have a long flight.
  • After a video camera, you might want to have a Digital Camera that is perfect for travel. There are some reviews that you want to read that will let you choose the right products in the market. Make sure that it is reliable especially if you will be catching attractions in your travel.
  • The Garmin Nuvi GPS Unit is a very good investment for travel. You can load various maps from different parts of the world. You can even connect them in your phone using Bluetooth.
  • A Mini Laptop will be handy on your traveler. You can find laptops that weigh less than 2.5 lbs. You can find an inch thick laptop sold in the market that is well manufactured and more reliable than ever. Be sure that it is light so you can bring them around without a problem. There are some laptops that cost less than 300 USD.

By Elsi H

Travel gadgets photo: Kimburlee

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