My Perfect Travel Companion – Netbook, iPad or Smartphone?

If you’re looking for a device that will enable you to stay connected on the move, no matter what your geographical location, then there’s plenty to choose from. These days, travellers now have a huge choice of mobile gadgets and gizmos that allow them you stay connected and computing, no matter what the location.

But what to buy?

However, this huge range of options can make it tricky deciding on what to buy, simply because there are so many different variations on the theme. Of course, if you’re a traditionalist then you may well just want to look at the many different cheap netbooks out there that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but are generally much more slimline than a conventional laptop. Many have less powerful specifications though, and battery life isn’t always the best, although you do get the benefit of both a real keyboard and a decent screen area.

Traveling with your Ipad 3

If you’re feeling more adventurous and have the money to run to an Apple iPad then this is a device that not only keeps you connected on the go, but also does it in style. The benefit of the iPad is that there are countless apps that can help assist you on your travels, including Google Maps, TripAdvisor, GPS tools, blogging software – in fact, Apple has an enviable range of app options to choose from for the iPad, which is one of the reasons why so many people end up buying this device. Battery life is also really good and you can get Wi-Fi and mobile broadband versions too; perfect for when you’re travelling and need to stay in touch.

Staying smart

Naturally, if you’re travelling light then you might not want to take too much baggage with you and you’ll also probably want to have instant access to a mobile device too. Which in that respect means the smartphone is a great gadget to consider because these are now highly powerful devices that can do more than some older style desktop computers. Granted, the downside can be smaller screens and keyboards – these are often virtual affairs like the one found on the iPad too.

Nevertheless, there are now smartphones available for just about any kind of individual, and if you’re a keen traveller then these handsets also have the added bonus of apps that can keep you on the move. These days, it’s possible to have a virtual boarding card with some airlines, so you can simply scan your phone when you travel, while you can also use a smartphone to research your next port of call or get up to the minute information on travel arrangements, weather and all the rest of it.

By Simmi

Gadget photo: nextbigfuture

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