Nightlife in Lisbon: Cinco Lounge bar

I will never forget the taste of that exotic mojito (if I remember well it was August 2008) in Bairro Alto in the city of Lisbon, a city that is perpetually overlooked by tourists. While tasting around different cocktail bars, I went to Cinco Lounge; I cannot help it but wonder what I really felt in that moment. In fact, this bar is popular with its locals rather than the typical  tourists (like me), it  is reputed to be the best place in town where you can enjoy a cocktail (as well as a tea or a glass of wine as well as a glass of champagne), accompanied by  different free-snacks and good music.

Nightlife in Lisbon
Nightlife in Lisbon-Portugal

In conclusion, there are all the conditions for a quiet evening in the ever lively night of the city of Lisbon. The bar Cinco Lounge is open only by “night“, it opens at 9 in the evening and closes at 2 in the morning and is closed on Sundays and Mondays. And ‘slightly off center, but easy to find the easiest way to reach it is run from Rua Dom Pedro V Rua Luisa Todi and go straight for about 300meters.

If you don’t want to get lost click the map 🙂

By David A.A

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