Seeing the Best Parts of London in a Couple of Days

Is it possible to see London in a couple of days? Of course! Not only is it possible, but you can also get to see a great part of it during that time if you know where to go. That’s why we offer you a tour or itinerary with which you can make the most of London in just a few days.

It is true that normally you would need many more days to be able to see the city at its entirety. Still, visiting London for a couple of days is enough to enjoy the best places in the British capital. Everything is a matter of good planning and getting up early in order to make the most of the stay. What can also help are web apps such as the one created by SACO The
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The first stop in the morning is the very Buckingham Palace. This outstanding center of the monarchy has one of the most striking ceremonies, changing the guard. This show takes place every other day at 11 o’clock in the morning. It is a tourist attraction that attracts the attention of many. You better get there some time in advance. The aforementioned ceremony lasts 45 minutes and may be too long at a certain point. Still, it’s interesting to take a quick look. If you prefer, you can take advantage of the time of the ceremony at the National Gallery and its outstanding paintings. It is also true that if have only 2 or 3 days to see London, seeing the whole ceremony can take away a lot of time.

Whatever your choice, once you finish at Buckingham Palace, it’s time to cross St. James’s Park without losing sight of the natural environment with its squirrels or its lake with its ducks. This route should leave you in front of the War Museum, whose exterior with its canyons is well worth a quick glance before descending towards Great George Street to leave the park and arrive until the palace of Westminster, passing before the abbey of the same name, Westminster Abbey.

This area will present the most emblematic image of the city with the immense parliament attached to the famous Big Ben. Here you can also find the statues of leaders as important as Winston Churchill.

After exploring this area, continue towards the port of Westminster, catch a ferry to cross the Thames and reach the port of Greenwich. Continue to Greenwich Park and enter following the main route to visit this park and get to the center. This is where the Royal Observatory is located. This place offers a multitude of exhibitions and activities related to space and the Earth. After that, exit from where you entered and head to the National Maritime Museum, whose interior is full of models and gear that you’ll hopefully find fascinating.

Next up is Tower Hill, the Tower of London area. Inside you’ll be able to go through the different chambers and see the jewels of the crown. Now go to the Tower Bridge for a stop to enjoy its sights. From here you can admire the Tower of London and HMS Belfast.

Continuing along the edge of the Thames you will reach the Millenium Bridge, a pedestrian bridge that you will have to cross to reach the cathedral of St. Paul. This is one of the most essential points of the trip with the three chambers inside its dome that continue to generate the fascination of travelers.

Go back across the bridge and go to the Shakespeare’s Globe, a theater whose style and timeless form is maintained from the time the playwright’s group represented his works.

Next is the Jubilee Garden where you will find the monument in honor of the dead of the international brigades during World War II and the London Eye. This gigantic Ferris wheel is one of the favorite attractions to see London from the heights. The view of the city from its glass booths is an exciting experience that justifies its nearly 30 pounds entrance.

Finally, you should head for Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Here you will find a multitude of representations of artist whose verisimilitude has earned its international fame to this tourist attraction. Of course the trip wouldn’t be complete without visitng the British Museum. The museum offers a myriad of ancient objects from prehistoric and historical civilizations from all over the world.

Hopefully this tour will help you make the most of your trip to London. With comfortable footwear and waking up early you can see many of the most important things in London.

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