Seven Tips To Travel Better With Your Dog

Bringing your dog along on a trip can make the adventure even more fun. However, it is important to plan ahead to keep your pet comfortable and able to enjoy the getaway as much as you do. Here are some travel tips to keep in mind when preparing for your getaway.

Tourist with dog in forest

Anticipate Your Dog’s Needs

Give some thought to what your dog needs to make the trip. In addition to basic necessities like food and lodging, will your pet need extra reassurance or attention while visiting new places? If there’s a chance he or she could become excited or aggressive, take along toys and items to help calm your pet and possibly wear a muzzle if biting is a possibility. Pack your pet’s registration form, license number, and vaccination record in case they are needed while away from home. A dog that is prone to heartworm, fleas, or nausea means you should include medication in case they are needed.

Get Pet Insurance

Take out a dog insurance policy for your trip and possibly for when you return. Pet insurance can help to cover expensive costs like emergency vet visits, pet hospitalizations or surgeries, and even cremation or burial costs if needed. Having insurance on your pet for a trip can reduce stress and ensure your dog’s health needs are covered. The Pampered Pup has enlisted and analyzed the leading insurance providers so you can find the best fit for you and your dog.

Woman be with her dog in countryside

Check With Your Veterinarian

Let your veterinarian know where you are headed. The vet may have insider news about tick outbreaks or wildlife attacks on small dogs at certain locations, for example, that can keep you more vigilant while vacationing. Your veterinarian may be able to recommend a dog daycare center for times when you visit places that your dog will find uncomfortable. The vet might also suggest certain veterinary practices in that area in case your pet gets sick. Ensure that the vaccinations are caught up to prevent the risk of your pet contracting an illness at the destination.

Call Ahead

Wherever you plan to stay, call in advance to ensure your dog will be accepted. When staying with family or friends, make sure they don’t mind and have the adequate resources to keep your dog comfortable. This is especially important for toileting and exercise; leave nothing to chance or assumption. When planning to visit public sites and parks, visit the website or call the place to find out about dog restrictions, such as being leashed or needing to clean up after your pet’s bowel movement. Knowing in advance what to expect and how to prepare will make the trip more relaxing and enjoyable for all as well as your dog.

Rear view of man with dog in autumn nature

Pack Extras

Bring extra items of things that could get lost, broken, or used up quickly. Certain brands of dog food or treats might be hard to find in some locations. You can always make room for extra doggy pee pads or wipes in case the local store doesn’t carry them or runs out. If your dog’s collar, leash, or toys are worn, take an extra so you won’t be without if they finally break. It never hurts to have spare items when traveling.

Plan Fun for Your Dog

In addition to ensuring your dog’s comfort while traveling, plan some fun activities with your canine friend. Romps in the park, sitting by a lake, and visiting the zoo may interest your dog while entertaining you as well. Make sure to take your dog’s water dish and food or snacks for comfort during these special excursions.


Reassure Your Pet Often

Although you will be busy during the trip attending to various personal needs, make time to comfort your dog with words and caresses that will soothe any anxiety. Take relaxing breaks during a car trip, and set aside time with your dog when you arrive at your destination. Everything will be new for both of you, so plan to explore and enjoy it together.

Traveling with a dog can be loads of fun. Plan ahead, be prepared, and include your dog in every aspect of the trip to make special memories.

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