Strandkörbe | The strange chairs of Borkum in Germany

Strandkörbe, literally means trash from the beach, so as to create original and colorful ambience. It is a bit anarchistic for the tastes of the photographer who did the shooting (German), a place that can be found in Borkum, a seaside resort in Germany.


A Hooded Beach is a chair, wicker magazine, complete with a cover, designed to repair the occupants, eager to enjoy the sea for as long as possible, from the sun, but more importantly they have all arrived from the rain and wind. As you can imagine, these “baskets”, are very  popular on the beaches of northern Europe, especially the Netherlands and Germany. Less well known, perhaps, is the fact that it is an invention that dates back to 1882, 131 years ago.

Strandkörbe chairs Strandkörbe in Germany

Borkum, mostly sandy, is one of the East Frisian Islands, and for that, unlike the Western Islands, it belongs to the Netherlands, part of Germany.


On the island, with few exceptions you cannot ride in your car. But do not worry, because with the ferry ticket, whether it starts from Eemshaven in the Netherlands, which Emden in Germany – it includes the journey by train from the port in Borkum country.

How to get there:

By Ina K

Photos:Nispi2002, Allie Caufield, Erix!

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