Taipei 101 can cause earthquakes

Did you know that the tallest building in the world could cause earthquakes? One of the tallest buildings in the world to date is Taipei 101. It is located in the city of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. This building is consisted of 101 plants (hence the name) plus 5 underground floors, a building that can reach 508m in height. Taipei is a very sturdy building able to withstand winds of more than 450Km/hy and earthquakes of intensity 7 on Richter scale l. It is speculated that this mass of 700,000 tons is capable of disrupting the fault line on which the building is causing earthquakes, according to the geologist Cheng Horng Lin. The number of earthquakes since the construction of the Taipei 101 has increased. Another curious fact is the elevator of this building, capable of reaching 60km / h. In 37s you can go can go from the fifth floor to the 89th.

Taipei 101 by night
Taipei 101 by night

Photo 1: 牛寶ㄟ爸 ㊣

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