The Bucket List for Travelling with a Group of Friends

Travelling is one of the greatest privileges a person can have. Depending on what type of travelling you plan on doing, you could discover different cultures, try amazing foods or even push your adrenaline side to the max. Doing this with friends can be even better. You get to share your experiences and grow together. However, what should you be getting up to?

Visit a beautiful island

Whether you want to up your Instagram game or just take some time to relax on a glorious beach, visiting an island can’t be a bad thing. An example of an idyllic island is Mauritius. White, sandy beaches, a hot climate, and affordable, there’s no downside.

Try some new cuisine

The majority of Most holidays in Europe offer the chance of sampling some speciality cuisine, whether that’s a frog’s leg, a snail or a curry. Also be sure to take a sip of the beverage on the special’s board. You might never get the chance to try it again and, who knows… you might love it!

Make some new friends

It’s generally assumed that you won’t be able to see these friends every day once you return from your travels, but many find that it’s the people that truly make the experience. Whether it’s through socialising at the hotel or hostel bar, or even through using an app, meeting new people is a way to learn more and have even more laughs.

Push each other to your full potential

A main positive to not travelling alone is that you have people with you who know what you’re capable of, perhaps even more so than you do. You might be terrified to bungee jump, or maybe the thought of getting on a plane makes you feel physically sick – your friends will help you through this and you could end up achieving more than you’d have thought was possible.

See the Northern Lights

This might not get your adrenaline going, but the Northern Lights are one of the most magical natural occurrences that you could ever witness. Some even find watching the Northern Lights a spiritual experience. With Iceland being one of the countries you can see them in, and being a unique experience in itself with other natural wonders such as geysers and waterfalls, it’s well worth going slightly off course to see them in all their beauty.

Take in all the wildlife

Whether you’re swimming with dolphins in Florida, watching elephants get bathed in Nepal, or riding a camel in Egypt, animals are not something to be taken lightly. Just imagine travelling over scenic views on top of a gorgeous animal, or being able to watch them in their natural habitat and not from behind glass or a TV screen. Although probably more appealing to the animal lovers out there, it’s an opportunity that the majority will enjoy and, let’s face it, it’ll make for an amazing Facebook cover picture.

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