The Most Beautiful Beaches in Melbourne

If you have a deep love for the sea or happen to be an adventurer who wants to explore all the coastlines in Australia, Melbourne should be a good start. This city has lots of hidden seascapes that flourish especially during summer months. These are some of the most beautiful beaches in Melbourne.


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Sorrento undoubtedly is one of the most idyllic beaches in Melbourne. The beach is located close to the Central Business District of Melbourne. The sunsets here are very charming. The bay is enveloped by the canopy of the Bass Strait waters on one side and the Port Philip Bay waters on the other side. The lovely coastline and clear water are very perfect for a lazy walk by the beach.

Williamstown Beach

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From the Williamstown Beach, guest can have scenic views of the busy landscapes of Melbourne. It is a favorite among visitors and locals alike maybe because it is located at the heart of Melbourne. Also known as Willy Beach by the natives is the perfect spot for sporting activities like paddle swimming, sunbaking, sailing, relaxing strolls and deep water swimming.

Mothers Beach

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Mothers Beach was so named because the experience gotten by visitors which can be likened to that of a Mother’s. The waters are shallow and very safe, tall cypress trees dominate the landscape. The waters are a deep shade of blue, and the powdery white sands are perfect for sunbathing. The beach also has some high-class picnic and BBQ facilities.

Brighton Beach

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The beautiful Brighton Beach was named after the iconic Brighton Beach in the UK. It is one of the most visited beaches in Australia. There are so many colorful bath boxes on the beach. These brightly colored boxes which serve as accommodation come in the same sizes and shapes. The Brighton beach has very lovely turquoise blue seas and a stretch of soft yellow sands which are highlighted by the golden glow of the sun. Water sports which are carried out here include yachting, swimming, biking, and kitesurfing.

Half Moon Bay

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Located at Port Philip, Southeast of Melbourne is the stunning half moon bay; this busy bay is crescent shaped. It is home to the remains of the HMVS Cerberus which sunk at the beginning of the 20th century. The bay is perfect for evening strolls and lots of hydro-sports like yachting, swimming, surfing, jogging, boating, and fishing. Visitors can stop by the restaurants and local cafes for refreshments.

Elwood Beach

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Located in the Elwood district is the beautiful Elwood beach. It is one of the biggest reserves in the suburb. The beach which features a long stretch of white sand and pale blue waters is very kid-friendly. At the beach area are facilities for different water sports like life-saving club, fishing, wind-surfing, swimming, and football.

St. Kilda

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The Kilda Beach located in Port Philip, Victoria; Melbourne is one of the loveliest bays in Australia. The beach is about 700m long, and it can best be described as ‘Heaven on Earth’ especially during summertime. The pristine waters are always filled with visitors participating in one form of water activity or the other. Outdoor enthusiasts can participate in activities like kite-surfing, swimming, wind surfing, sailing and rollerblading.

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