The Most Beautiful Beaches in Pulau Sumba

Pulau Sumba also referred to as Sumba in its shortened form is an incredibly beautiful island in Indonesia. It is bound in the south by the Indian Ocean, and as such boasts some of the most magnificent beaches you will find in all of South East Asia. These are the most beautiful beaches of Pulau Sumba.


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Famous for being filled with dancing trees in the Eastern Sumba is the fascinating beach called Walakiri. These mangrove vegetations are sprinkled all around the shallow area of the waters. This beach is a gem at dusk. If you want to capture these verdant trees, wearing water-resistant footwear before stepping into the sea will come in handy. This is to prevent you from stepping on the beautiful, tiny starfish that come out play.


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One of the most popular beaches located at the Eastern region of Sumba is the Tarimbang beach. The spectacular beach is accessed by passing through savannas, villages and some roads filled with rocks. The water changes color from one shade of blue to the other. The mild currents are perfect for a dip, especially on sunny days. If you want to take the best photos, pose by the tree trunks and just click, click, click your camera.


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Tucked in between the cliffs of West Sumba is a postcard beach called Watubela. Visitors access this beach mostly by hiking down the trails that lead to the beach. The white rocks and white sands which stretch for some kilometers cast a striking image. This beach is filled with some sandflies and it is all part of the fun.


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Filled with coral reefs, deep blue waters and washed-out sands, the color of white flour is Mandorak beach. The picture-perfect beach is located very close to a cliff which gives a panoramic view of the entire seascape. A visit to Mandorak beach will keep you wondering about what God thought when he created this masterpiece. Such beauty!


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Also located on the South Western region of Sumba is an idyllic bay called Mbawana popularly pronounced as ‘Mawana’ by the locals. This secluded beach is surrounded by thick woods and some pebbles. A visit to this beach filled with cerulean waters and pale sands will remind you of something so gorgeous yet mysterious. Locals visit this area for fishing. Want to know what it means like for the skies to be painted in gold? Visit this beach during sunset.

Mananga Aba

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Mananga Aba beach is perched in the South Western part of Sumba. The charming waters, a deep shade of blue will mesmerize you. These waters are always very serene. The beach has long stretch snow-white sands dotted with coral stones which are perfect for strolling and sunbathing.


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Lailang is nested in a cove along the coastline of Sumba. The sands are powdery and warm, thanks to the abundant sunshine it receives. The seascape is predominantly turquoise, azure waters whose waves dance to the music of the winds. Visitors, who seek cover, go under the shades of the trees which surround the beach. This beach is popular called ‘Boci Beach’ because most visitors reportedly took naps like babies when they visited the bay.

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