The Most Beautiful Beaches in Rome and Lazio

Rome and Lazio is one of the most precious regions of Italy, one you can never get tired of seeing. After spending hours or days exploring, you might want to spend a few minutes relaxing and enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches the region has to offer.

Ostia Lido Beach

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Ostia Lido might not be so glamorous, but it’s the closest beach to the city of Rome. It comes with everything you desire in a good beach; dark sand, clean water for swimming, and a peaceful and serene atmosphere. There is no need for any special requirements, just spread your towel anywhere and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea. If you wish to experience some sightseeing, you can see the ruins of Ostia Antica, an ancient port of Rome.

Anzio Beach

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A train from Termini to Anzio Colonia will take you to the Anzio beach since it’s a bit far from Rome. Anzio has clean water, beautiful sand, and an atmosphere that calms your nerves and helps you enjoy the beauty of nature. It also has interesting historical elements, including being famous as the landing site to liberate Rome from the Nazi during the Second World War. You’ll also be able to view the ruins of Roman Emperor Nero’s seaside villa.

Sperlonga Beach

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At the south of Rome lies Sperlonga Beach, regarded as the coastal pearl of the region of Lazio. Sperlonga Beach has a rich Mediterranean mountain and vegetation extending for miles. The water is warm and crystal-clear, so you can jump in and swim for as long as you want. Also, the sea is not that deep so you can bring the kids along for a splendid time. Behind Sperlonga are quite and fun towns with so much to offer you in terms of shopping, and enjoying quality Italian drinks and cuisine.


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Tourists and locals love to visit Sabaudia for a number of good reasons. It’s not far from Rome, so you can visit whenever you want. The sand and sea are very clean, and the beach is long and spacious enough to accommodate enough people. Also, behind the beaches are natural parks and kiosks where you can do your shopping. Visitors can access the sea through wooden decks laid on top of dunes, to make for easy movement. After enjoying the sea, you can then visit the town and have a nice time taking part in festivals and other events. There are also small bars, shops for shopping, and amusement parks for the kids.

Santa Severa

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Adorning the Lazio coastline is the Santa Severa beach. Due to the presence of breakwaters, the beach is always calm and warm. Jump into the water and enjoy a great time swimming, or you can just sit by the seaside. Like most beaches in the area, you can visit the town during the day or evening to experience the lifestyle of the locals. If you feel the need for some inner peace, these towns are worth checking out.

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