The Most Beautiful Beaches in the Basque Country

The coastline of the Basque Country is stretched for 176 km next to the Bay of Biscay, from around the border with France to the region of Cantabria. It houses many stunning beaches including the windswept, wild shores, picturesque golden crescents, and excellent sandy playgrounds. Explore the most beautiful beaches in the Basque country of Spain below.

La Concha

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La Concha is one of the most attractive beaches in the Basque Country. The idyllic beach of La Concha includes a crescent of soft golden sand which hugs the city’s edge and radiant blue waters. It is an attraction site for many people especially during summer as it offers picturesque scenery.

Plage Côte Des Basques

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Plage Côte des Basques beach is located around Biarritz and facing the coastline of Basque. Surfers from across the European continent are attracted to the beach as it has high swells. It is generally well-known by many people, and there are hotels around the beach to accommodate tourists.


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Playa de Laga is situated in Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve which is roughly an hour’s drive northwest of Bilbao city. The spectacular beach is surrounded by Mount Ogoño on one side and undulating green hills on the other. The serene beach of Laga is also known for surfing and kayaking, as well as certain facilities like outdoor showers and bar.

Saint Jean de Luz

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Saint Jean de Luz lies right over the French border which is roughly 35 km from San Sebastian. Sea walls well protect the fine sandy beach of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and it is a nice place for family get-together and merriments during summer. Because it is in the heart of the town, it is a common spot preferred by many people.


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Zarautz is the longest beach in the province of Gipúzkoa which measures 2,500 m. It is long enough to accommodate everyone, making it a nice spot for sunbathers and families. Surfers that move further to the center to catch the sea waves will also find it interesting. It houses a lot of wildlife species as it has wide dunes at its eastern end.


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One of the most stunning beaches across the northern coastline of Spain, Laida is situated in Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.  Stretching 1 km long is the beautiful beach of Laida which includes fine golden sand, and offer a variety of water-related activities such as surfing, and sailing. The water is shallow around areas where the sea and the shore meet, thereby providing a nice place for children. The beach also offers an amazing view of the Island of Izaro as it lies along the Mundaka Estuary.

Karraspio Beach, Lekeitio

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Karraspio Beach is sited in a small town of Lekeitio which lies in the middle of San Sebastian and Bilbao. The sandy beach spreads on one side of the river mouth, while San Nicolás Island is in the middle of the river– On a low tide, the Island can be accessed on foot. Karraspio Beach also provides facilities like changing rooms, showers, and lifeguards always on duty.

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