The Most Beautiful Languages In The World

With Valentines day been and gone, February is the month of love and romance for many couples across the world. For some couples the words “I love you” will sound extra special depending on the language it was said in. We have teamed up with translation agency Morningside Translations to find out which languages they think are the most romantic across the world.

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The Irish accent and the language of Ireland (Gaelic) both have similarly beautiful qualities. The ancient traditional language of this island still exists in the remote parts of Ireland today with estimates of roughly 140,000 native speakers still in communication today. The language was largely phased out under English rule in the 17th century. The language is best represented in old Irish folk songs about love, loss and and loneliness. It’s in these songs that the emotion and tone of the language shines through spectacularly.

The Spanish are known for their passion in life. Fiery, emotive people, red wine, sunshine, beauty and bullfighting all come to mind when we consider the Spanish and their language which stretches out over 20 different countries. The language is no different to the culture; beautiful and emotional with sensual romantic properties Spanish is without doubt one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

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The Italian language is one of the most beautiful languages of the world due to its passion and emotion. When you think of Italians communicating you think of expressive people with strong hand movements and facial communication. This is the Italian way, passionate until the end. The beauty can be seen in the language itself with a rollercoaster of pitches within the speech that range from high to low tones like a beautiful melody.

For the final European language we have the French language. The French lifestyle conjures images of romance, food and passion – similar to that of the Spanish and the Italians. This sophisticated language projects a vision of romance and intellect due to its poetic properties as well as its importance into the embedding of French society and culture of gastronomy and of a certain quality of life.

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Although not traditionally seen as a beautiful language one of the most exotic and intricate languages in the world is Japanese. With a full range of expressions and complex ways to communicate; the Japanese language has a certain allure on the ear. Japanese has a certain ‘cute’ property to it due to its high vowel to consonant ratio.

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